Monday, September 13, 2010

Welp...I did it!

Hello Friends!

So. For quite some time, I've been hearing many of my friends rant and rave about their blogs/the blogs of their friends/the blogs of their moms/the blogs of their dogs. I felt quite out of the loop! On top of that, it seemed that people would constantly tell me I needed to start one of these shin-digs. So, I gave in. And the results are in front of you right now. Sorry if its weird that I have one or whatnot. I just figure that there might be a few people back home who might wonder how close I'm coming to killing myself or what kind of trouble I'm in. I figure this would be a fairly good way to do it! I'm also doing this because I fail epically at writing things down as they happen in my life. This could be a good way to keep track of those kinds of events. Finally, I'm going to be going on my mission here in the next few months. A blog could be a good method for people who care to keep track of my whereabouts and whatnot. So. There ya go. I'm now one of those 'people' who have a blog. 

Let's see how it goes!

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