Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, December 18th- 27 days left

Epicosity Rating: 6

Thursday was one of those days that just didn't stop. You know how that is. My morning classes went about as usual. After my last class (ballroom) was out, I went to the library and did four hours of homework. That was exciting. After homework, I ate dinner in the junction, went to a meeting to find out how to become an RA when I get back from my mission, had my personal priesthood interview, then had supersax practice. It was at this practice that Dr. G (the director of jazz at USU and an INSANE saxophonist) broke it to us that if we didn't double the speed of our hardest song, we couldn't perform in the concert in two weeks. Once again. That was exciting. After that, I went to the 2.5 lounge to try to do more homework. But I couldn't. It seemed like all day, I was being bothered by something in the back of my mind. Not that that's anything unusual though. I could blog for hours about all the stuff that goes on in my head lately. But that day was rough it seemed. I felt like a lot of things in my past were coming back to remind me of how good things were back then and compared themselves to how things are now. It bugged. Fortunately, I have an amazing friend with me up here.

I don't think I can express with words how grateful I am to have a friend like Berkley Anne Sumner up here at college. The transition has been rough, not gonna lie. I don't know what I would do without her friendship. Oh wait. I do know what I would do. I'd die of sorrow. But really. She's super amazing, and she's helped me through some of my hardest times up here and I'll be forever grateful for it.

Anyways. As I sat in the 2.5, Berk texted me and ended up coming to visit me. We then moved into the music building so I could play piano and she could stall until midnight so she could register for classes. I played my favorites, then worked on my current project song- "Desperado" by the Eagles. Suddenly, Berk started laughing. She had pulled up some pictures of high school on facebook. We talked for a bit, and then the conversation hit one of the sore spots that had been bugging me that day.

 Brad Dorius. Brad and I have been best buddies since sixth grade. I still remember the day I met him in Mr. Bozarth's science class. We were lab partners. We created our child Gregor. That's when I knew we'd be friends for a long time. And indeed, we were.

Yesterday, my best friend went into the MTC for his mission to South Korea. Brad is going to be an incredible missionary, and I'm so happy for him and the opportunities that he's going to have, and I'm glad to be close behind on the same path.  But still. On Tuesday, we talked on the phone for the last time and said our final farewells. It didn't really register to me yet that he was about to leave. But today, it kinda hit me. He was off. I knew I could still write and I'd see him again in two years, but I'm terrible at goodbyes. But yeah. I love this guy, and I already miss him a lot.

So going back now. Me and Berkley. In the practice room. Conversation turned to Brad, and I suddenly didn't feel like playing piano. It was just the icing on my mental mess cake. So me and Berk parted ways so she could register for classes. I went back up to the 2.5 to try homework. Again. But Berk texted me saying the server crashed, so she came up to talk. And talk we did. Me and Berk have had many late night soul searching sessions. This one was no exception. We talked for forever and I let out my frustrations and pains. It's amazing how our conversations go. But to make a long story short, she left some time later, and I headed to my dorm and got to bed quite late. Now many would view this day as bad. I mean, nobody likes the days when you're hectically busy and have it end in a slightly depressing manner. But there are two reasons why today was still a 6 in epicness. First, I realized how grateful I am for my friendship with Berkley Sumner, and second, I grew to a greater appreciation of how much I miss and prize my friendship with Brad Dorius.

Tonight, I am grateful for best friends.

Wednesday, December 17th- 28 days left

Epicosity Rating: 3

Yeah. Today was pretty lame. Classes. Nap. Work. The only thing I did to deserve the 3 is my midnight Wal-mart run. I spend $10 on 20 cans of corn and peas for a can drive my HONR 1300 class was doing. I got weird looks walking around with 20 cans of peas. So that was cool. But I came home, sat on my laptop until 2, as usual, and went to sleep. So yeah. Not the most epic day ever.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 16th- 29 days left

Epicosity Rating: 9

Tuesday was a day when I did some things I never dreamed I would have done when I was back in high school. It was a day when I did something that required me to use all my skill, all my years of training of being agile and sensual, a day when I participated in an act that would alter people's views of me for the rest of my life

It was the day that I danced the Tango.

But let's back up a little bit. We'll get to that in a minute. Tuesday morning was just as unusual for my life's plan as was the evening's competition. I woke up and had Missionary prep as usual. But instead of heading straight back to the Junction for breakfast, I needed to make a stop first. I had an appointment with Career Services. As many of you may know, up to this point, my life's ambition has been to become a dentist. It would be a perfect job- great hours, good pay, I'd be able to help people, and it wouldn't consume my life so I could have my family be my priority. It fits everything I want out of my future career. But lately, it just hasn't floated my boat. I felt the need to explore my options. I mean, heck. I had 29 days left up here. Why not use that time to ponder the rest of my life? My advisor gave me a website of surveys that asked questions about your interests and skills. It was similar to the infinite ones that we took in high school to try and help us figure out our lives. But this one was geared towards college kids trying to pick a major and a career. It was a LOT more intense. After it was done, it gave me a list of careers that fit me. I picked my top 5. They included: General Practitioner, Dentist, College Professor, Human Resources Executive, and High School Administrator. Yeah. I know. They all sound super exciting. But, they all seem to fit me well. I worked on this until I needed to head to my last class of the day- Ballroom Dance. I went, shook my hips with the Samba, and headed home. I took my daily nap right on schedule and worked on homework. I then went to my sax lessons and then Supersax rehearsal (here's the song we're working on right now. It's wicked hard: ). After my lips were too tired to function, I ran back to the dorm to grab my ties. It was time to dance. A week before we learned the samba in my ballroom class, we learned how to tango. I loved it. While we were learning it, she told us she wanted us all to dance in her recital in a tango competition. I was all over it. My two partners were Allison Kemp and Lauren Wulfley. They were both way awesome dancers, and they both said they'd write me on my mission. But that's another story for another day. I rushed over to the HPER gym where the recital was being held. After watching the ballet students do their thing, it my turn to get my groove on. I had a blast. I didn't win anything at all, but it was super fun performing in front of a crowd again and getting to know those two awesome girls. I walked home feeling all latino. All in all, it was a day I never expected to have. But nonetheless, it was awesome.

Monday, December 15th- 30 days left

Epicosity Rating: 10 (But not just a 10. A HARDCORE 10)

Today was the day I came to the realization I had a month left. Only 30 days in Logan. It had been 5 days since I had opened my mission call and reality was really starting to hit home hard (hows that for alliteration? Thank you Mrs. Madden!) The morning was typical. Biology 1610, then Public Speaking, then Honors American Institutions. I came home, took my daily nap, and prepared for work.

Behold, the apron. I wear this nasty little beauty three times a week. It is my blessing and my curse. Kinda like the whole Spiderman thing. Work was awesome that night. I made about $75 dollars in tips. But there was one problem- I was craving chocolate like crazy. I had been all day. I don't know why either. I must have been on a man period or something. Anyways, I decided to go to Wal-mart and get some chocolate along with some needed items on my way home. As I wondered the aisles of the store, I suddenly caught the scent of Christmas cinnamon (you know what I'm talking about). I followed my nose and found myself in the Christmas section of the store. I then noticed a big arrow pointing to a tent outside. I walked in and I found myself entering a scene from a dream.

The Christmas Tree Tent.

I've been fantasizing about getting a Christmas tree in my dorm for quite some time. My dorm was just too boring. As I walked around the tent, I found the one. Colorado Pine. Fake needles. Pre-lit. 6 feet 6 inches. It was mine. I grabbed it, bought two boxes of candy canes, a bag of scented pine cones, 30 red orbs, and extension cords. Everything I needed to get Christmas going. I also secured my chocolate. I knew I needed other things, but I no longer cared. I had a Christmas tree in my cart. I went to the check out line and paid for my purchases all in one dollar bills. I thought it was awesome. The check-out lady didn't. But heck! I'm a waiter. It's all I got! I left with only a $5 bill left of the night's $75. But it was totally worth it. On my way home, I called my new friend Anita and asked if she wanted to come over and eat some chocolate and help me set up a Christmas tree. She accepted. I mean, who wouldn't? Chocolate, a Christmas tree, and KC Esplin?? I know. Every girl's fantasy. Anyways. We set up the tree and devoured the symphony bar and the 8 pack off Reeses. After she left, I lay on my couch and watched my Christmas tree shine and pondered the mysteries of life until about 2 AM. As I went to bed, my last thoughts were something along the lines of "Today, was truly epic."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Here's the Plan...

So recently, I've been kinda freaking out. I only have 22 days left up here at USU campus before I return home to sit on my butt for two months before heading out to the MTC and then on to New Hampshire (for which I'm insanely excited by the way.) But for now, I can't stop thinking about the fact that time is so short before I have to leave my friends, my situation, and all the opportunities to go crazy.

So. I came up with a plan.

This last Monday, I had a revelation. I wanted to try aim to make every single day left up here as epic as possible. And, I decided to use this blog that I've forsaken the last few months to help me do it. Here's the plan. I'm going to aim to do something epic every day I have left up here. Then, at the end of the day (or whenever I remember to get onto here) I'll rate how epic every day is on a scale of 0-10. It will be the "Epicosity Reading." Every day I don't get a high number, I'll consider a failure. I'm hoping this will help me make the most out of the three weeks I have left up here. I started this last Monday, so I'm already behind, but I'll start working on getting caught up as soon as I can.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let's get epic.