Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, December 15th- 30 days left

Epicosity Rating: 10 (But not just a 10. A HARDCORE 10)

Today was the day I came to the realization I had a month left. Only 30 days in Logan. It had been 5 days since I had opened my mission call and reality was really starting to hit home hard (hows that for alliteration? Thank you Mrs. Madden!) The morning was typical. Biology 1610, then Public Speaking, then Honors American Institutions. I came home, took my daily nap, and prepared for work.

Behold, the apron. I wear this nasty little beauty three times a week. It is my blessing and my curse. Kinda like the whole Spiderman thing. Work was awesome that night. I made about $75 dollars in tips. But there was one problem- I was craving chocolate like crazy. I had been all day. I don't know why either. I must have been on a man period or something. Anyways, I decided to go to Wal-mart and get some chocolate along with some needed items on my way home. As I wondered the aisles of the store, I suddenly caught the scent of Christmas cinnamon (you know what I'm talking about). I followed my nose and found myself in the Christmas section of the store. I then noticed a big arrow pointing to a tent outside. I walked in and I found myself entering a scene from a dream.

The Christmas Tree Tent.

I've been fantasizing about getting a Christmas tree in my dorm for quite some time. My dorm was just too boring. As I walked around the tent, I found the one. Colorado Pine. Fake needles. Pre-lit. 6 feet 6 inches. It was mine. I grabbed it, bought two boxes of candy canes, a bag of scented pine cones, 30 red orbs, and extension cords. Everything I needed to get Christmas going. I also secured my chocolate. I knew I needed other things, but I no longer cared. I had a Christmas tree in my cart. I went to the check out line and paid for my purchases all in one dollar bills. I thought it was awesome. The check-out lady didn't. But heck! I'm a waiter. It's all I got! I left with only a $5 bill left of the night's $75. But it was totally worth it. On my way home, I called my new friend Anita and asked if she wanted to come over and eat some chocolate and help me set up a Christmas tree. She accepted. I mean, who wouldn't? Chocolate, a Christmas tree, and KC Esplin?? I know. Every girl's fantasy. Anyways. We set up the tree and devoured the symphony bar and the 8 pack off Reeses. After she left, I lay on my couch and watched my Christmas tree shine and pondered the mysteries of life until about 2 AM. As I went to bed, my last thoughts were something along the lines of "Today, was truly epic."

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