Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, December 18th- 27 days left

Epicosity Rating: 6

Thursday was one of those days that just didn't stop. You know how that is. My morning classes went about as usual. After my last class (ballroom) was out, I went to the library and did four hours of homework. That was exciting. After homework, I ate dinner in the junction, went to a meeting to find out how to become an RA when I get back from my mission, had my personal priesthood interview, then had supersax practice. It was at this practice that Dr. G (the director of jazz at USU and an INSANE saxophonist) broke it to us that if we didn't double the speed of our hardest song, we couldn't perform in the concert in two weeks. Once again. That was exciting. After that, I went to the 2.5 lounge to try to do more homework. But I couldn't. It seemed like all day, I was being bothered by something in the back of my mind. Not that that's anything unusual though. I could blog for hours about all the stuff that goes on in my head lately. But that day was rough it seemed. I felt like a lot of things in my past were coming back to remind me of how good things were back then and compared themselves to how things are now. It bugged. Fortunately, I have an amazing friend with me up here.

I don't think I can express with words how grateful I am to have a friend like Berkley Anne Sumner up here at college. The transition has been rough, not gonna lie. I don't know what I would do without her friendship. Oh wait. I do know what I would do. I'd die of sorrow. But really. She's super amazing, and she's helped me through some of my hardest times up here and I'll be forever grateful for it.

Anyways. As I sat in the 2.5, Berk texted me and ended up coming to visit me. We then moved into the music building so I could play piano and she could stall until midnight so she could register for classes. I played my favorites, then worked on my current project song- "Desperado" by the Eagles. Suddenly, Berk started laughing. She had pulled up some pictures of high school on facebook. We talked for a bit, and then the conversation hit one of the sore spots that had been bugging me that day.

 Brad Dorius. Brad and I have been best buddies since sixth grade. I still remember the day I met him in Mr. Bozarth's science class. We were lab partners. We created our child Gregor. That's when I knew we'd be friends for a long time. And indeed, we were.

Yesterday, my best friend went into the MTC for his mission to South Korea. Brad is going to be an incredible missionary, and I'm so happy for him and the opportunities that he's going to have, and I'm glad to be close behind on the same path.  But still. On Tuesday, we talked on the phone for the last time and said our final farewells. It didn't really register to me yet that he was about to leave. But today, it kinda hit me. He was off. I knew I could still write and I'd see him again in two years, but I'm terrible at goodbyes. But yeah. I love this guy, and I already miss him a lot.

So going back now. Me and Berkley. In the practice room. Conversation turned to Brad, and I suddenly didn't feel like playing piano. It was just the icing on my mental mess cake. So me and Berk parted ways so she could register for classes. I went back up to the 2.5 to try homework. Again. But Berk texted me saying the server crashed, so she came up to talk. And talk we did. Me and Berk have had many late night soul searching sessions. This one was no exception. We talked for forever and I let out my frustrations and pains. It's amazing how our conversations go. But to make a long story short, she left some time later, and I headed to my dorm and got to bed quite late. Now many would view this day as bad. I mean, nobody likes the days when you're hectically busy and have it end in a slightly depressing manner. But there are two reasons why today was still a 6 in epicness. First, I realized how grateful I am for my friendship with Berkley Sumner, and second, I grew to a greater appreciation of how much I miss and prize my friendship with Brad Dorius.

Tonight, I am grateful for best friends.

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  1. I love you KC!!! I will always be so thankful for your friendship, we had some unforgettable memories together that I will cherish forever.