Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 16th- 29 days left

Epicosity Rating: 9

Tuesday was a day when I did some things I never dreamed I would have done when I was back in high school. It was a day when I did something that required me to use all my skill, all my years of training of being agile and sensual, a day when I participated in an act that would alter people's views of me for the rest of my life

It was the day that I danced the Tango.

But let's back up a little bit. We'll get to that in a minute. Tuesday morning was just as unusual for my life's plan as was the evening's competition. I woke up and had Missionary prep as usual. But instead of heading straight back to the Junction for breakfast, I needed to make a stop first. I had an appointment with Career Services. As many of you may know, up to this point, my life's ambition has been to become a dentist. It would be a perfect job- great hours, good pay, I'd be able to help people, and it wouldn't consume my life so I could have my family be my priority. It fits everything I want out of my future career. But lately, it just hasn't floated my boat. I felt the need to explore my options. I mean, heck. I had 29 days left up here. Why not use that time to ponder the rest of my life? My advisor gave me a website of surveys that asked questions about your interests and skills. It was similar to the infinite ones that we took in high school to try and help us figure out our lives. But this one was geared towards college kids trying to pick a major and a career. It was a LOT more intense. After it was done, it gave me a list of careers that fit me. I picked my top 5. They included: General Practitioner, Dentist, College Professor, Human Resources Executive, and High School Administrator. Yeah. I know. They all sound super exciting. But, they all seem to fit me well. I worked on this until I needed to head to my last class of the day- Ballroom Dance. I went, shook my hips with the Samba, and headed home. I took my daily nap right on schedule and worked on homework. I then went to my sax lessons and then Supersax rehearsal (here's the song we're working on right now. It's wicked hard: ). After my lips were too tired to function, I ran back to the dorm to grab my ties. It was time to dance. A week before we learned the samba in my ballroom class, we learned how to tango. I loved it. While we were learning it, she told us she wanted us all to dance in her recital in a tango competition. I was all over it. My two partners were Allison Kemp and Lauren Wulfley. They were both way awesome dancers, and they both said they'd write me on my mission. But that's another story for another day. I rushed over to the HPER gym where the recital was being held. After watching the ballet students do their thing, it my turn to get my groove on. I had a blast. I didn't win anything at all, but it was super fun performing in front of a crowd again and getting to know those two awesome girls. I walked home feeling all latino. All in all, it was a day I never expected to have. But nonetheless, it was awesome.

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