Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yeah. I fail.

I fail a lot.

You know this whole blogging thing? Yeah. It's not my thing. Sorry to you two or three people who actually read my posts haha. You know this whole plan I had to blog about every day and make them all epic? Yeah. I couldn't do it. I'm much more of a random person, not a daily kinda guy. And I'm much more of a one liner kind of guy, if you know what I mean. But moral of the story: My time in Logan is now over. I've done a buttload of epic stuff. And now its over. I'm super sad. But I'm excited for the good times that are to come in the next few months in STG.

As for this blog..well...we'll just see what ends up going on it, if anything.

Oh. And on a side note. I got my mission suits. And I bought a pocket watch to go with them. I'm gonna be the sexiest missionary on the East coast. Just sayin.