Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My New Girlfriend.


Well. If you guys havent picked up on it yet. Im leaving on a mission. In exactly 7 days from tomorrow. I couldnt be more ready and excited for it, its just waiting for the day to finally come!!!

These past couple months my dating hasnt been too successful. Who wants to date a guy who is leaving on a mission anyways? There for I have had to come to different conclusions, one being my unicorn pillow pet. I love her. She is my sunshine for my soul. I named her Queen Leslee. We have become quite close. She even let me do a photo shoot of her, I would like to share some of these photos at this time...

Full Body...

I think she likes you ;)

She sees you!

We went for the punk look for the last shot.... Too  much? I think she pulls it off fantastically :)

Well thanks for letting me share with you my new girlfriend. Please feel free to comment! I take critizism well. I love her so much and that is all that matters.

P.S. this post was made by KC's best friend Berkley. She hacked into his blog. AKA he left it open on my computer. so dont judge him for this, just a fun joke :)

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