Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter

First of all, I'm really sorry about last week. It was "Patriots Day" out here (It's the celebration of the founding of Massachusets I think. Why the heck Maine celebrates it is beyond me) but the library was closed, so we didn't get to write emails. We tried finding another source to write at, but there isn't another point of public internet in Belfast. So, I had to go the week. It bugged me a lot, but I got to be obedient. So sorry about that.

Happy Easter by the way! I had a good holiday. I had to give another talk in sacrament meeting. And yes, I did just give one a few weeks ago. But I really enjoyed this one. It was on light, which has become one of my new favorite topics to study about. I talked about three properties of physical light and how they can compare to Jesus Christ being the light of the world. It was super fun to give. After, we went finding for a bit. We a really cool experience. We are really short on miles for our car, so we were going to walk about 4 miles to get to the Branch President's house because he offered to have us over for Easter Dinner. As we were walking, we saw a lady standing at the side of her house smoking. We just walked by, but I felt that we needed to go back to talk to her. So, we turned around and started talking to her. After a bit, she told us her son had died in a car accident in January and started to break down, saying "This has been a really hard Easter." My companion bore his testimony to her that he knew she would be with him again and that he was in a better place, and then I bore my testimony to her that I knew that the love of Jesus Christ would get her through this hard time. I started getting teary as I bore my testimony to her too. The spirit was super strong. We told her we'd return in a week and said a prayer for her before leaving. It was probably the highlight of my Easter. I felt the true meaning of Easter in action by applying the true purpose of Easter- the victory of life over death- to someone in need. It was great. After, we kept walking and had an awesome meal with the Branch President. I even got to color a few eggs, which was good. Not gonna lie, I got a little homesick realizing this was the first year I'd miss coloring eggs with the family. But, especially after that experience with the lady, I know I was supposed to be here this Easter. Overall, it was a great day. I ate lots of food, got spoiled by the members, and reflected more deeply than ever the true meaning of Easter. It was awesome.

Yep! I got the packages! Thank you so much. I also greatly enjoyed the candy. And also, thank you so much for that Easter egg activity!! We shared it with members and investigators all week to help them remember the true meaning of Easter. It was perfect. I've also gotten the cards from both the Beahms and the Packs. Thank you for sending them over. I'm gonna send a letter over in the next few weeks, so hopefully I'll be able to find time to reply to them as well, but send them my appreciation as well. By the way, thank you for the pictures!

So this last week was transfers. Dad, you nailed it. My trainer bit the dust. He got sent down to Massachusets. But I'm still here in Belfast! My follow up trainer is awesome. His name is Elder Brown. It's so awesome working with him. He's a musician too. We sing together tons. We've started opening every lesson with a song. I'm actually starting to get some pretty good pipes. But we're both very similiar and we are already teaching really well. There's TONS of potential this transfer. I'm loving it so much! Since he got transered over, I'm doing the area training. I'm loving the added responsibility. I kinda felt like I was just going along for the ride with Elder Hodson, but now, I actually feel that I'm doing the missionary work. We have tons of potential investigators and progressing investigators we're working with- 31 to be exact!- so our plates are very full. But we're tearing it up. I'm expecting lots of great things.

That's basically most of what's going on. Elder Brown is going to a meeting in Manchester tonight, so I'm going to be on exchanges with a greenie from Rockland for 3 days while his trainer goes to the meeting as well. I guess I'll get a little taste of what it's like to train and be in charge of an area! We have some really solid lessons planned. This last week, we got a girl who we were teaching- Serena- to recommit to baptism at the end of May. I'm super pumped about that. We also have lots of investigators close to being committed. We're gonna jump on it!

Well, I better get going. I'll leave with this little thought that I used in my talk. When darkness and light go to battle, light will always win instantly. It's like a room with a light switch. It will only be dark if it's switched off. But as soon as you turn it upwards, light will instantly dispel the darkness. Thus it is with life. You can only have darkness in your life by not having light. So, if you do have something that feels like darkness, flip your switch "upwards," let the light come in, and the darkness will loose 100% of the time. I promise it.

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