Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Man, what a week. Lots has been happening. I'm exhausted, but in a good way!
 This last week, I had the chance to give service to Peter and Rose on their farm. We
helped them build a chicken fence. We were using staples and hammering
the wires into stakes. It makes me grateful I had the practice out on
the ranch! It feels good to get out and do physical work sometimes. As
much as I love missionary work, it feels good to wake up sore some

 It hit 90 plus in the humidity this week, so I'm feeling it too. So far, I think STG heat is
worse. The humidity isn't as bad as people make it sound (knock on wood).

I had SO many cool experiences this week. So first of all, on Tuesday,
we went to visit Malachi again. We talked a bit and the conversation
turned to marriage. He told us "You know, I want to get married again
for the right reasons. To me, marriage is a covenant." Can you say
golden investigator?? We'll be meeting with him with a member couple
tomorrow night. I'm stoked.

 The next day, we met with a lady named  Sherry. We tracted into her about two months ago and we haven't been able to nail down a time with her to visit again since. We finally got
in, she said she felt it was a sign that we were here and that the
message of the restoration was true and accepted a baptismal date the
next month. Yeah. That was awesome. Later that day, we went to visit a
potential investigator. We saw him back in April, and he said to come
back in June. So we did. And he's golden. He said he wasn't sure if he
believed in God. We explained our role as missionaries is to be a
guide so he can discover if there's a God or not. We taught him about
the Holy Ghost and prayer, and to close the lesson, he offered a
kneeling prayer. It was the first prayer of his life. It was such a
cool experience. We'll be visiting him tomorrow as well.

 On Thursday, while we were working in the soup kitchen, a new volunteer showed up.
His name is Haydarr. He's an exchange country from somewhere beneath
Russia. I couldn't understand the name of it when he told me haha. His
purpose in coming to America is to teach that Muslims aren't
terrorists like everyone makes them out to be. We had a very
interesting talk and I learned that 90% of the popular belief about
their religion here is very far off. In exchange, I told him about
Joseph Smith and our beliefs. We're going to be getting together later
this week to discuss religion more. That will be really cool. We also
had a solid lesson with Peter and Rose. We gave service to them for
two hours before the lesson. I mowed their lawn for most of it. I'll
never complain about STG lawns again. The grass is insane here. They
mow it twice a week for 2 hours a mowing basically. It's nuts. But the
lesson after was on prayer and the scriptures. The grandma, who has to
be in her 80's, told us how much she loved seeing us and that we're
"her boys" now. It was a warm-fuzzy kind of moment.

 Hmm...what else.  We had a BBQ with Matt one night on the beach. We shared the talk by
Dallin H. Oaks on "Desire." I love that talk. Everybody should read
it. It's got me thinking deeply into myself too. I've been doing lots
of deep thinking lately about who I am and why. I've discovered lots,
and set goals for who I want to become. I feel myself being
transformed, and I can't wait to see who I become.
I could keep going on about everybody we're teaching, but I better
stop now.

This week, we have 60 stop-bys scheduled. That's
investigators, couples, families, and less-actives. Needless to say
we're going to be very very busy this week. But I'm excited. Elder
Brown and I are seeing a transformation in our area lately, and we're
working it the best we can. I'm also enjoying the scenery. Now there's
wildflowers accompanying the green. The daffodils and dandelions have
come and gone, and now there's wild daises, lilacs, and buttercups
everywhere. I've honestly never seen anything like Maine. I love it.

Welp, I better get going. We're gonna go shopping for some real
ingredients. Elder Brown and I made a meal plan for this week and
we're going to try real cooking. The menu includes a roast, sheppard's
pie, and cinnamon rolls. Stay tuned. It's gonna be awesome. After,
we'll go to the church to play piano, write letters, and watch corny
videos about the Bible. We gotta clean the apartment and car today
too, so it should be busy. Hopefully that gives you a good pictures of
our P-day Dad. We have a dinner with a part-member family tonight and
then we'll go walk the streets. It should be a good day. Anyways, hope
you're all doing well! Love you all! Talk to ya next week!

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