Monday, July 25, 2011

It was great hearing from everyone

This week was a little off the norm. On Tuesday, we had a huge missionary meeting in Bangor with all the missionaries in the zone. It was about 8 hours long. It was a training on how to effectively use forms, having effective daily planning, and making charts to improve key indicators. It was about as exciting as it
sounds. But one exciting thing we found out- we'll be getting texting on our phones in a few weeks. That'll be exciting to see how that goes! Also, I finally got the chance to meet some of the few sister
missionaries in the zone. One actually just got here from Santa Clara. She graduated from SCHS in 2007. She knew Kirk and Kayla. Her name is Sister Jenkins. Her companion just graduated from USU. It was cool talking to them. Anyways, the rest of the week was a little slow. First, because we were taking time to get our training started. We made two huge posters, one with a list of every referral received, who
to get referrals from, part member families, every former taught in the last 10 years, potential investigators, streets to contact, and finding ideas we want to use, etc. The other was a list of every less
active member we want to work with. To get that one going, we called every member on the directory. Yes, all 175 of them. That was exciting. But now that it's going, it's making our work a lot more
effective. It was just really slow to get started.

 The second reason why the work was slow was because of the heat wave that hit up here. On friday, it hit 100 with high humidity. We were outside moving a piano at the hottest part of the day. That was exciting. Nobody was home during the heat wave. Nobody. We spent all day knocking on empty
houses. But I'm officially stating that I think STG heat is worse than humid heat. It really isn't that bad.

Anyways, despite the slow week, we still had a lot of good things happen. We taught the Plan of
Salvation on 4 different occasions, all to solid investigators, which was awesome. Rose, Roger, and Malachi all came to church, and all three of those are progressing very quickly. Hopefully, they'll all be
getting baptized either this transfer or the next. Good things are happening in that area. This week should be awesome too. We've arranged for a member lesson with every investigator, have 4 member
meals lined up, and we're going on exchanges today until Wednesday. I'm getting a greenie here in Belfast. That'll be fun. So yeah. That's a little brief on the work.

In other news, we had some cool random things happen. I had my first encounter with fireflies (or lightening bugs as they call them in New England). They were so cool!! There was a huge field with them
everywhere. So awesome. Also, I ate Maine lobsters numbers 2 and 3. A Baptism preacher from Vermont came through to see Elder Hess (he came from Vermont) and he took us out to lobster. He bought us two 1 1/2 pound lobsters each. It was a lot of lobster. I think it's an acquired taste, and I haven't quite acquired it yet haha. But I will!

Also, we had an adventure when our fridge stopped running Monday night. The landlord acted quickly and got us a new fridge by Wednesday morning, but not before most of our food went bad. Cleaning out the rotting food was really exciting. We loaded it up in the car and took it to the church. The car may never be the same again. That was an experience. I also made cinnamin rolls from scratch this week too.
They turned out not good haha. I know what I did wrong though, so I'll get it right next week.

 I have still been having lots of  opportunities for music. I have another weekly opportunity now. Last
transfer, Elder Brown and I would sing a hymn every week to an old Quaker lady in the Soup Kitchen. She'd sit and wait for a while while we did dishes until we could sing. But now that Elder Brown is gone
and Elder Hess refuses to sing, I've begun singing solo to her. Let's just say I'm glad she's old haha. I sung "Come Thou Fount" to her, and we all felt the Spirit. It was a really cool experience. But yeah.
That's about all I got for stuff I did this week. Lot's of cool, lots of not so cool. But it's all been awesome.

Quick little thought. This morning, I was studying The Gospel of Jesus Christ during personal study since we'll be teaching that to the 4 investigators we taught the Plan of Salvation to. As I studied that
and pondered on judgment, I realized a principle that is true in this life as much as it is an eternal principle- truely wanting something is manifested by desire and works. If you don't have those two things,
then you don't really want it. If you want money, you'll have a desire to get a job and actually go out to get one. If you want to keep in touch with a missionary, you'll have the desire to write them and
actually write a letter (hint hint). If you want eternal life in God's presence, you'll have the desire to become like Jesus Christ and you'll act accordingly. It's hard to describe in words, but the
principle is there. It was pretty cool. I've been thinking about it all morning.

Love you all. Stay cool in that heat! I look forward to hearing from you next week! Take care!
-Your New Englander
Elder Esplin

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