Monday, September 12, 2011

First Transfer

Welp, I finally bit the bullet. I'm getting transferred. I'm really
bummed by it, mainly because I won't be here for Malachi's baptism.
Pete, Rose, and Roger will probably all be getting baptized next
transfer too. It's a killer I won't be here for it. But, I'll go where
the Lord wants me to go. Plus, I feel that I've done a lot of work
here too. All four of the investigators getting close I found and have
taught almost every week since I've been here. It's been SO cool
seeing them grow. Especially Malachi. He called yesterday after church
and I talked to him for a bit. He called me in tears telling me that
he has no doubt that this is the path that God wants him to be on. He
told me that besides having his son be born, this has been the most
important and happiest experience he's had in his life. He told me he
was really sad that I couldn't be here to baptize him, but that I've
changed his life and that we'd be friends on to the eternities. That
phone call was the greatest moment of my mission thus far. I told him
that I didn't do anything, it was all God, but that being able to
witness his conversion is one of the greatest experiences I've had in
my life. It's so amazing how much power the gospel has to change
people, and now that I've seen that power in action, I'm so excited to
get out to my new area and see it happen again. I can't wait. But
yeah, I'm super sad to not be here for Malachi, but it isn't about me.
It's about him choosing to make this change, and I'm so blessed to
have been part of the process.

I have no idea where I'm getting transfered to. All I know is that I'm
supposed to be at the stake center in Bangor at 5:45 tomorrow morning,
and that I'll find out then where I'm going. They didn't tell me I'm
going to transfer meeting, so that probably means I'll be staying in
Maine. But get this. I'm going to be the senior companion. I was
really surprised by that. That means I'll be driving and taking the
lead in the training program the mission is starting next transfer.
That'll be an interesting experience. We'll see how that goes. But
next week, I'll let you all know where I end up. Hopefully it's
somewhere with lots of trees- fall should be coming soon!!

Other than transfers, not too much has been going on. We had the
president of the Boston Temple come to speak in sacrament yesterday.
That was sweet. Although, it wasn't very nice having him stand up
there talking about the blessings of going to the temple for two
hours. Good think I can't go for another 18 months! Man, I miss the
temple so much...anyways. Yesterday and today basically are just
saying goodbyes and packing. We're going to go up an observatory tower
at Fort Knox today though. That'll be cool. Other than that, this week
was pretty non-eventful.

Oh yeah. Two other random things happened this week. We got a gun
pulled on us haha. That was so funny. We went to a less-active's
house, and as we walked to the door, this fat shirtless guy with a
scraggly beard came out with a shotgun. He set it on the ground with
his hands on the barrel and asked "Can I help you?" We kept cool and
asked if the lady we were looking for was home. He realized who we
were and apologized and put the gun away. He said people had been
harassing them lately, so he was just being defensive. It was still
hilarious to talk about after! Also this week, I set foot in my first
bar haha. No worries though. It was That was another new experience.

Ok, that's all I got this week. I better get going and pack and make
my last few stops to say goodbye. Love you all! I'll write next week
and let you know where I end up. Take care!

-Elder Esplin

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