Monday, September 12, 2011

Hey Everybody!

I'm glad you got the email week. Unfortunately, I can't stay on long
today. The library was shut down, so we walked to staples so we could
read emails for a bit.

This week was insane over here in Waterville. Being on bikes is quite
a workout! Add to all the hills and miles 90 degree weather and 90
percent humidity and a shirt and tie and you get a very tired elder
haha. But it's been great.

I worked harder this week than any other
week so far on my mission to get the area going. There isn't much
going on. But we busted our butts and we got good results. We taught
20 lessons (first time in this area in several months) and found 3 new
investigators. We also found 4 less active families who all want to
get back to church. It was incredible. We've been having miracles
right and left. I wish I had more time to write, but I better get
going. I'm loving Waterville and my companion. We get along super well
and have a lot of fun. The ward is awesome, and the work is building
up quick. I'm loving it!! Here's my new address:

Also, if you could put a note on there
saying that after today, I will have responded to every letter I've
so if anybody hasn't heard back from me, there must have
been a glitch in the mailing system.  Thanks!!

Sorry again for keeping it so short, but I don't think Staples wants
me on here too long haha. Love you all, hope you're all hanging in
there. I'm praying for you. I'm loving the work and things are going

-Elder KC Esplin

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