Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last pictures of Belfast

The chalk drawing we entered into a contest.  We thought it turned out pretty well.  It's the tree of life if you couldn't tell!
I got to spend a day in St. George, Maine.

New England fog makes for  really cool pictures.

Lobsters #2 and 3!  Yummm

Typical Maine view, It's gorgeous.

They don't call it vacationland for nothing!

Belfast in the summer....Quite a bit different than in the winter.

I'll let you come up with your own comment.....;)  maybe consider the lilies of the field.

beautiful coastal scenery.  The boats and ocean are nice too...

Sporting the New England look.

A guy does this for a living.  Some call it art, I call it creepy.  hahaha

My last district.  The two in the white were the elders that formed the trio.  E. Brown my comp.  is on the left            

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