Monday, September 12, 2011

No Worries...

First of all, no worries. I'm A-OK. Hurricane Irene turned out to just be a bad rainstorm here. We've had way worse in Ivins, so it wasn't even close to a problem. We just sat inside all day and took it easy. I put half of a 1000 piece puzzle of Bryce Canyon together. That was exciting haha. But yeah. No problems over here. I'm doing great!  And Dad, I'm glad you picked up on my clue I sent you. I purposely bought something with my debit card so you guys could find out where I was. I even told my companion I knew that would happen. Loopholes for the win!

That's so cool that Sister Turnbull called you guys!! Her and her husband are SUCH an awesome couple. Her and her daughter were heading to Cedar City for a wedding. I was hoping they'd contact you. That's great! is keeping up on the bone. Kinda. How's he liking the 7th grade? A

So yeah. Hurricane Irene was pretty exciting. But like I said, I didn't get hit by it hardly at all. It was just a rainstorm here with a little wind. I've tracted in worse in my last area. But the whole mission went on lockdown. The cars were all grounded and nobody was allowed to leave the apartment. I hear I'm lucky though. Some of the other areas in the mission got pouded.

But yes. I'm doing great! I'm now stationed in Waterville, Maine. It's the area right next door to Belfast, only about an hour away. That's exciting. But no, I can't go to Belfast to see Malachi be baptized. I asked President in my last email. Oh well. I just keep reminding myself that this is between him and the Lord. I'm just the middleman. I'm excited for him thought!

So get this. My new area doesn't have a car. But don't worry. We have bikes. Yep. I'm a biking missionary now. Our area is the only purely biking area in the mission. The other areas with bikes have public transport they can rely on. Not us. Nothing but bikes. It's kind of tough because our area is almost just as big as Belfast (it's probably about 200 square miles with about 50,000 people).  But Waterville itself is a pretty big city, so it's not to bad. I'm really enjoying the biking so far. We bike about 4-10 miles a day. The ride to the church is the worst part. It's about 4 miles uphill. Both ways. But yeah. It's just another exciting element to the transition!

My companion is Elder Carroll from West Jordan. We get along super well. He only has a few months left on his mission and was a senior companion for a while before I got here, so I was super confused why I am the senior. He told me President Wilkey called him on transfer call night to tell him this period of being the junior would be for a "short time." President Wilkey is up to something. We'll find out soon enough I guess. There isn't too much going on work wise here right now. We have a lady getting baptized in three weeks, so I'll get to see a baptism soon. But that's about it. We only have like 3 other investigators and a ton of less actives. I plan on working my tail off to change that. But I'm loving the area so far. I'm liking the whole city aspect of it. It's a lot different than being in the boonies. I'm really excited to be serving here. I can't wait to see what happens!

Well, I better get going. A member always takes us out to lunch then drops us off at the laundromat and Walmart, so I better get going. But know that I'm safe and well, I'm loving Waterville and my new companion, and I've never been better! Love and miss you all.

Elder Esplin

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