Monday, October 17, 2011

Columbus Day greetings and Jeff's Baptism pics

Hey everybody!

Sorry I'm a little late. It's Columbus Day, so the library was closed, and then today turned into one heck of a P-day. But I fought my way here now! Better late than never, right?

So first of all, BAPTISM!!!! YES!!!! Jeff was baptized yesterday. It was AWESOME!! The baptismal service went super well. Elder Carroll baptized him, and Jeff asked me to give the talk on the purpose of baptism. He was so excited to get baptized, and he set a really good example to me of the fire I should have to be sealed to my wife in the temple one day. That's definitely one thing I've learned on my mission- I can't and won't settle for anything less than a temple marriage! But yeah. The baptism was great, and I'm super pumped about it! Also, you asked about Malachi. Last I heard, he was supposed to be baptized on this last Saturday, but I haven't heard anything since. Hopefully, I'll find out soon! It's killing me!

With the exception of Jeff's baptism, the week was really slow. On Monday night, Elder Carroll's thousand-year-old bike passed away suddenly when the rim of his tire snapped in two places. We spent the next 3 days on foot unable to find a replacement rim or bike. So, he decided to get a new one. Those 3 days on foot proved to be very unproductive, as we couldn't cover ground at all and were limited to the immediate Waterville area. That was lame. Then, just as he got his new bike, he got a cold and a double ear infection, so we spent all day Saturday at the church taking it easy so he could get feeling better. I think I set a new personal record. I played the piano for 4 hours straight. My love and appreciation of the piano is growing very quickly haha. Then last night, my bike, lovingly named Brunhilda for the night by Elder Carroll, had some internal damage to the rear tire. I spent most of the night performing a Frankenstein surgery with the old bike and mine to get her back going. It took most of the night unfortunately. But we did have enough time to go to a less-actives house, where we had a logical discussion on why the BoM was true. It was a little delayed though because he was watching the last quarter of the NE Patriots vs. NY Jets game and wouldn't turn off the TV...we were really... bummmed.... he wouldn't...ahem... That rivalry is a really big deal out here. New England hates anything New York. Especially when it comes down to the Red Sox vs. The Yankees. Oh man. That's intense. But...yeah! That's basically my entire week. Wrestling with bikes, dealing with illness, and baptisms!

Hope all stays well out west. I'm still loving it out here! I miss you all and I miss the red rocks and warm weather of STG, but this is where I need to be. I know it is. Not only for the work I'm doing, but for myself too. The Lord is getting me ready for who he needs me to be, and I can't believe the peace and joy I've found as I've learned to just surrender myself and my vain ambitions and just give myself to God. That's really all it takes. Letting go of the shallow things that you think you want and realizing what you really want, which is what you actually need. And that thing is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all, and look forward to hearing from you next week!

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