Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Starting to get Cold!

Welp, winter is definitely looming close on the horizon. The awesome fall leaves are starting to fall at a faster rate, and there's a bite in the air that's getting worse and worse. We've gone into sweater mode. I'm starting to get a little nervous- it's already hit the "dead of winter in STG" temperatures, and apparently it's still 'warm.' Yikes. I'm gonna need to get some more clothes haha. It's been really rainy this week too, which is never any fun. We try to ride our bikes as little as possible for safety reasons when it rains (and yes Mom, I do wear my helmet). We were off working in a town outside of Waterville on Friday, but we got rained out. Going up a mile long hill on a bike in a cold rain isn't very fun. But, they say anytime you do something in the rain or that isn't fun, you get "wife points." I think I've got me quite a high score so far haha.

The work went really well this week. We had some great finds for new investigators. Here's one cool story. Lately, I've been praying a lot that we'd be placed in the path of somebody who was prepared and ready to receive the gospel, and that we'd be in tune with the Spirit to know when it happened. One morning, it was raining, so we were on foot. As we were coming back to the apartment for lunch, a guy in a hood smoking a cigarette was on the same sidewalk was coming towards us. At first, I just had the thought to let him pass without saying anything, but then, I felt very strongly that we needed to stop him and talk to him. So as he passed, I stopped him and started telling him about who we were and what we did. He then told us that he had just moved into town, had just gotten out of jail, and was looking for a church in town to start attending. He agreed to invite us back this next week. How cool is that?? God really does hear and answer prayers. Another really cool experience this last week with finding. One morning, we were getting ready to bike up to the church to spend time on, and we got a phone call from a recent convert. She said she had a friend over who wanted to talk with us a little more about the church so he could know what to expect when he came to church the next day. We were really excited. We went over, and I was trying to figure out who this small timid girl would have invited over. We walked in and found a total gangster sitting there. He was wearing a patriots jersey, a bandanna, chains, the whole nine yards. He had just moved up from Boston to get away from the city. He said down there, he was a drug dealer, an alcoholic, all that fun stuff, but was now trying to give himself to God. We gave him a Bo M and invited him to learn more. It was surprising to me though. Back home, he would be the kind of guy I'd want to avoid. He was pretty scary haha. But sitting down, I looked him in the eyes and could confidently bear testimony to him that we have the same Heavenly Father and that we were brothers. Trying to have the pure love of Christ is a power that no prejudice or discrimination can ever break. That's definitely something I've learned out here. But yeah! Finding efforts are going great, and we have one investigator who we're going to be committing to baptism this week. He's super awesome. He's come to church the last three weeks, and is loving it. His name is Dan. I'll keep you updated on him. Also, just so you all know, we have three more weeks in the transfer. Transfers will be the week before Thanksgiving, and we're all pretty sure my companion will be getting the boot to his last area- he only has two transfers left. But we'll see what happens!

One more little tidbit of fun. I was forced to confront my mortal enemy this week. That's right. I had a face-to-face confrontation with cheese. I've been working on getting over that dislike the entire time I've been out here, because when a member feeds you, you have to eat it. But this week, things were taken to the next level when we went over to a less-active's house and were presented two grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I got one of the sandwiches down and ate most of the soup, but had to call it quits after that. It was a terrible experience, not gonna lie haha. I'm not a picky eater, but that was horrible. But I discovered something. I was sick for two days after eating it. So. I'm pretty sure it's more than just a dislike. I think I'm allergic or something. Anyways. Just a fun little adventure from this week haha.

Alright y, I better get going. Life is still going great out here! I'm working hard, seeing miracles, and having the time of my life. I know this is the work that my Heavenly Father wants me to be doing, and he's filling me to the brim with peace and happiness. Know that I love you all very much, and look forward to hearing from you soon! Take care!

-Elder KC Esplin

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