Monday, October 17, 2011

This past week was pretty intense.

 My bike is still proving to be quite a troublemaker. After writing you last week, we started biking home from the church. On the way, my tire decided it didn't like to roll properly, so it started grinding on the frame. Then my pedal got jealous that the tire got to rebel, so it decided it didn't want to pedal anymore. Then the brakes decided they would join the party and didn't want to work either. So, needless to say, I couldn't bike home haha. Instead, I stood on one pedal and kicked it home like a skateboard for about two miles. That was exciting haha. The next day, I performed a little surgery on it and got it working. On Wednesday, we went on exchanges. I went up to Skowhegan with the District Leader. It was great. We worked really hard, did a lot of good, and I took some KILLER pictures of the New England fall colors. Seriously, Maine in the Fall is proving to be one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. The leaves are now officially reaching peak, and it's incredible. I'll email pictures soon- I don't have my camera on me today. But be expecting some great things! I got back to work in Waterville on Friday. Turns out my bike had given the greenie elder from Skowhegan some problems too while on exchange, and said they had fixed it for me. Yeah. They didn't fix it for me. 5 minutes into the day on the bike, my rear tire decided to explode. Not pop. Explode. I seriously thought I was being shot at haha. But don't worry. It was pouring rain at the time, so it wasn't that bad of a situation hahaha. Luckily, we were fairly close to our destination, which was the Evening Sandwich Program, so I walked the bike there. Turned out the kitchen was packed with tons of volunteers from Colby College, so one of the main overseers had pity on my story and drove me and my bike to a bike shop to get the tire fixed, and he even paid for me to have a tune up! My bike has been running like it was new ever since. I'm so grateful for people who have charity in their hearts and help those in need! But yeah. The bike situation was actually quite hilarious to me. I laughed about it a lot. In fact, I'm laughing about it right now thinking about the whole thing. Good memories from the mission!

Yesterday proved to be one of the best Sundays on the mission, and that's saying something because Sundays are always the best! First off, Jeff was confirmed which was awesome. He said he felt something happen during the prayer, and I felt it too. So cool. We also had 5 less-actives whom we've been working with come to church! That was really cool to see. And get this. We've been working with a member to get his friend Dan to church the last few weeks, and I guess that friend is now dating one of the sisters in the ward. She had him at church and had him committed to taking lessons from us before we could even talk to him! She wants a man in the church, and that's what she's going to get. Flirt to convert for the win! But he's interested in it more than just pleasing her though. He said he has been reading the BoM and has questions for us. He's super solid, and I can't wait to see where he goes! Also during Gospel Principles, a former investigator just showed up out of the blue and wanted to resume meeting with us. It's so weird how missionary work is in this area! All the elders who have served here say it was the same for them too. We bust our tails off biking around tracting and finding and whatnot, but not much comes of it, and the investigators who are solid and end up getting baptized just show up at church on their own! How that works, I don't know. Elder Carroll thinks it's Heavenly Father having mercy on us for biking up all the hills we do every day haha. I think I agree. Brownie points from heaven. Anyways, after church, a member called us into the kitchen. The week before, they had us write down all our favorite deserts and snacks so they could have a "reference" for future treats. We gave them a pretty good sized list. But instead of giving us treat over the next few weeks, they just went out and bought us EVERYTHING on the list. We brought home two huge sacks full of food. Members of the church are so stinking awesome! After church, we hit the pavement stopping by less-actives and formers. As we were working, we found the coolest couple ever. We had never met them before, but they both came to the door and we started talking and laughing and having a good time. We talked to them for like an hour and a half. They then invited us over to dinner the next week. We didn't even know these people, but they wanted us over for dinner and to talk about what we do!! I'm super stoked to teach them about family. They brought up their families a lot in the conversation, so I know they'll really like the message we share! After that, we had dinner with Jeff and his wife, and we watched the Joseph Smith Movie (my 11th time on my mission haha). So yeah. It was a fantastic ending to a slow week. It was a testimony to me that God really does know us personally and know what we need. I really needed a day like yesterday to feel that my diligence and consecration of heart was being noticed by Him, and yesterday, the Spirit manifested to me that He has. I love being a missionary!

Alright y, I better get going. Time for laundry! Know that I love you all, I pray for you often, and I look forward to hearing from you every week. Take care! Don't forget to choose the right!

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