Monday, November 14, 2011

Another great week

Welp, transfer calls were this Saturday. We were surprised to get our call from President Wilkey several minutes before calls were even supposed to be made. He said that both of us were receiving a call from the Lord. The verdict- My companion is being transferred as a District Leader, and I'm remaining in Waterville as a trainer! Woot! I'm super excited for it. I've been praying and fasting a lot lately for a vision of what things can be done in the next transfer, and I feel I have a lot of plans that are ready to go, and having a greenie with fresh insights will make it all go better. I'm stoked! I'll be driving to Manchester tomorrow to pick him up. (and Dad, you'll be proud- they're having me play piano at transfer meeting haha). Also, they've started a new thing that trainers are with their greenie for 12 weeks guaranteed, so I'll be in Waterville until the beginning of February. I'm stoked for that- it'll be two 6 month areas in a row! This next transfer will be exciting since it has Thanksgiving and Christmas in it. The ward here is awesome, so we'll be taken care of. So yeah. Looks Waterville and I are about to get a whole lot closer!

Everything else is going great on this end. The weather has been crazy nice- apparently it's a lot more mild than usual. Still in the 60's with all the snow gone. I heard Utah has snow already. Looks like I"m lucking out! But I'm sure that's bound to change. Somebody told us this week that according to the farmer's almanac, we're expected to get the biggest snow storm since the 20's or something like that. We'll see. I'd be excited for that though- I hear missionaries turn into full-time snow shoveler s in those instances. That's be new! But I'm eating up having nice weather and a car. It's a pretty nice set-up. The only bad thing is that it gets dark so stinking early! The sun starts setting around 3:45 and it's pitch dark around 5:00. It's nuts, and makes finding people really hard. But we'll adjust!

Not much else happened this week. Just surviving the anxiety of week 6. The work is going well, and I'm loving it! Sorry to cut this one a little short- we gotta get back so my companion can pack. But I"ll let you know next week how the greenie is and what changes are in store for the next 12 weeks!

Love you all! Hope all stays well. Don't forget to pray! Talk to you next week!


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