Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas is almost here

I really can't believe Christmas is here already. The Christmas season has a completely different feel to it on a mission. There isn't the stress of giving and getting presents, and we really get to center in on Christ. It's been great. This week, we're basically going to dedicate most of our lessons to the true meaning of Christmas. I can't wait- it'll be a great way to spend the week.

This week has been a week of miracles again. Either Elder Jenkins and I are either doing something right to be thought of as worthy by God to receive miracles, or Heavenly Father sees how bad we struggle and is helping us out so we don't mess things up too much haha. Either way, things are going great. We've had several very powerful lessons with Sam and Tami. Tami is already thinking about her baptismal service. Ever since that priesthood blessing two weeks ago, she's been on fire. We actually had a really cool experience with her this morning. We came to do emails a little earlier today, but we got a phone call from her saying she really needed to talk to us. We rushed over. I guess last night, she really felt opposition to everything. But, she looked at us and said "I want this more than ever. I know this is coming from Satan trying to stop me. It's hard, but I know it's only because I want this so bad." We offered her encouragement and said a prayer for her. It's so cool to see the Spirit working on her to help her know of this message's truth. Gosh, I love this job!

We had another amazing miracle this week too. Last Saturday, we spent several hours at a less-active family's home raking their leaves (I'll never complain about raking leaves in STG ever again). After we were done, I asked the mom if she knew anyone who would want to talk to us. She said she had a friend she was talking with, and she'd keep us in the loop. Yesterday, that family came to church, and I saw they had a young woman with them whom we hadn't met. We went over and introduced ourselves. Her name was Jenn, and it was the friend the less-active had talked about. She stayed for all 3 hours of church and we set up an appointment with her that night. When we went over, we talked with her to get to know her a bit better. Turns out her church kicked her out when she had a kid at the age of 19. She had been going there all her life, and was devastated. She stopped going to church and had lost herself. Now, she was wanting to find a new spiritual family and find herself again. She said she had been praying she'd find somewhere she would belong, and felt that going to our church and feeling so welcome was an answer to her prayers. We taught her the restoration, and she set a baptismal date for herself to be baptized in mid January. How cool is that?? Such a neat experience to know that there are people out there who are looking for the church, but just don't know where to find it. But because a friend reached out to her, she's on the path to finding peace and happiness.

We also had zone interviews this last week down in Augusta. I swear, President Wilkey will become an apostle when he leaves this mission. You can quote me on that one. I had a great interview with him, and I left feeling pumped to work even harder. It was also great to see some of the missionaries in the other zones, including an MTC companion and Elder Brown. This week will be great too. I'm going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders today until Wednesday. I'll be staying in Waterville and Elder Jenkins is going up to Brewer. It'll be a fun way to spend the last week of the transfer. Transfer calls are also going to be on Saturday. I'm not too worried though. There's a 99% chance I'll be staying here since they're trying to keep trainers with their greenies for 12 weeks. Plus, it'd be bad to pull us out when there's so much going on. I'll give you the update next week.

I better get going- lots to do today! Love you all! Have a very Merry Christmas! Talk to you soon!


Elder KC Esplin

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