Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day after Christmas

Thank you so much for your Christmas gifts too! I loved them! Those ties are perfect. I
wore the royal blue one to church on Sunday, and I got tons of
compliments on it. Pretty sure it's my new favorite tie. And that
quote book is the most amazing thing ever. I don't even know how the
world will be able to handle so much philisophical wisdom oozing out
of me once I add that to my arsenal that I already inherited from you
all haha. But thanks again! I know you basically know everything going
on, but I'm going to write it out for the blog and for the journal
that will come out of it.

Merry Christmas! This week proved to be one of the best weeks of my
mission thus far, which was suprising given it was week 6 and also the
Enjoying my Christmas Lobster!!
week before Christmas. But it ended up being great! We taught 24
lessons, found 5 new investigators, and had tons of new people at
church. SUCH great things are happening with the work here! We're
loving it!

One of the highlights of the week was with our investigator, Tami. We
taught her several times this week, and during one of the lessons, we
set a baptismal date for the 15th of January! We're really excited for
that. On Friday though, we were about to head over for a lesson with
her when we got a phone call. Tami was being rushed to the hosptial in
an ambulence. We went over as soon as we could. She was having severe
abdominal and leg pain, and they were running tests to determine what
was wrong. We shared a spiritual thought, and she asked for a
blessing. Elder Jenkins annointed and I gave the blessing. After the
blessing, she told us that during the blessing, she felt all the pain
in her legs and stomach go up her body into her head, and as I lifted
my hands after the blessing, I took the pain with it. She said she
felt instantly better. An hour later, she called us to tell us that
all the tests had come back negative and she was back home. It was
definitely a miracle from God showing her  that the path she was on is
the right one.

Christmas was SO awesome! Elder Jenkins woke up and had a little
Christmas celebration with music and cinnamon rolls and opening of
presents. Then it was off to church. Tons of people ended up coming,
which was great to see. After church, we went straight to a member's
home, the Fegels, for lunch. They also gave us stockings full of
goodies. We also sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, and we each wrote
down something we'd give to Jesus for his Birthday this next year. It
was a really great experience, and it helped me set a goal for this
upcoming year. After lunch with the Fegel family, we headed to the
church to make phone calls. While Elder Jenkins called his family, I
practiced on the organ, which is always fun. I loved the phone call
home. It was so great to hear from everyone and to share spiritual
experiences. I am so lucky to have the family that I do! After phone
calls, we went over to the ward mission leaders house for dinner. They
cooked us up lobstah and all other sorts of yummy food. I'm getting
pretty good at taking a lobster apart and now I know how to cook them.
That'll be a fun skill to have! The family also gave us stockings and
a bag full of goodies. We felt very loved. After that family, we swung
by Jeff and his wife to share a spiritual thought and have pie, then
to Sam and Tami to share a Christmas message and give them some
goodies we cooked. Yes, that's right. We cooked goodies to give out.
Rice crispie 'snow balls.' Boo-ya. We came home and opened some other
goodies that the ward had given us. They definitely took care of us.
We now have more food than we can handle. But the cool thing about
this year was that it really wasn't the gifts that mattered. This was
one of the most Christ-centered Christmases I've ever had. Being able
to go around all week sharing messages about the true meaning of
Christas and bearning testimony of the divinity of the Savior really
made this season have a speical feel to it. All in all, this has
proved to be one of the most memorable Christmases ever!

This next week should be a good one. We're getting a brand-new 2012
Subaru on Wednesday, which will be super nice. Our current car really
struggles.Also, we're expecting a baptism this Sunday! Dan will be
getting baptized. We're really excited for that. Oh yeah. I forgot.
This last week was transfer calls. We got a call. But don't panic-
neither of us got transferred. But I did get a call to be the new
District Leader. I'll be having my first district meeting and start
taking reports and all that fun stuff this week. All in all, it'll be
a great week!

Love you all, and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Have a great
week! Take care!


Elder KC Esplin

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