Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter from Elder Jenkins' Mother

December 26, 2011

Sister Esplin,

Hello, My name is Kimberly Royal.  My son is Elder Tyler Jenkins and the new greenie serving with your son.  I wanted to say hi, and thank you for raising such a wonderful son!  I’m so grateful that Tyler has been blessed with a wonderful trainer and is fortunate to have 12 wks with him.  Tyler is very well versed in the scriptures and the gospel it is all he has ever wanted was to serve a mission.  He is high energy and not always the best in social situations.  But he sounds like his companion and him are excited to have each other.  Your son had a plan and they are working the plan.  Tyler told me they have gone from your sons last companion teaching 6 discussions a wk to now together they are working the plan they are teaching 20 a wk!  I’m thankful that he has a companion who wanted to work and embraces Tyler’s enthusiasm. 

Small world, my neighbor who lives 2 door down for the last 14 years son is in the same mission.  In fact he is the zone leader and during interviews Tyler was interviewed by him!  His name is Trevor Lowe.  He is flying home wed.  When his dad called a while ago about the arrangements he talked to the mission Presidents wife and asked about my Tyler.  She said he definitely had the best trainer in their mission!  He knows Tyler and his intelligence especially in the gospel so he needed someone who would be on their game.  She let him know that Elder Esplin was very knowledgeable and they had prayed about it.  Tyler is in total heaven and we know that is a great deal with his companion.  So I wanted to let you know how much peace I’ve had knowing how happy he is.  I even talked to your son yesterday on the phone to let him know how much I appreciate his kindness and patience with Tyler.  Tyler will force a companion to gain patience.  LOL 

I was also excited to hear he is from St. George.  That is so close.  I hope they keep in touch.  We live in Las Vegas and my parents have a cabin in Pine Valley.  So we go up there a couple of times a year.  I hope you had a nice Christmas and a good visit on the phone with your son. 

Thanks Again for having a terrific Son!

Kimberly Royal  J        

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