Monday, January 23, 2012

My Birthday was Awesome!

This last week was another awesome one!  We

had a great district meeting in the morning, where we discussed
teaching skills and whatnot. After, we ate a ton of cake that members
had given me and the other member of the district whose birthday was
the same day. I got him a gift, and he got me one. It's a pink shirt
that says "McStud" on it. I love it. A lot. After district meeting, we
taught three less-actives, one of whom had us over to cook some
burgers we had and then cooked me a cake. So most of the day was spent
teaching, but honestly, I wouldn't have had it any other way! Thanks
to all those who sent me letters and cards for my B-day. Your love was
greatly appreciated!!

The work continues to press forward. Tammy was confirmed yesterday,
which went super well. She's still on fire. Her conversion has been
one of the highlights of my mission so far. She went from being
depressed and alone and struggling in darkness to being a light-filled
daughter of God. The Gospel really does have the power to change
people.  I know this, because I've seen it. Another one of our
investigators, Roger, is experiencing some great conversion. This last
week, he proposed to a recent convert, and they've been reading the
Book of Mormon daily. He says he's feeling such great changes coming
into his life. To quote him in his thick southern accent "Brothahs,
I'm livin' the more abundant life." He'll be baptized as soon as they
get married, which will be soon. I'm super excited about that! The
Seventh Day Adventist investigator we're teaching is going great too.
We had an intense lesson two days ago about why the Sabbath day is on
Sunday, not Saturday. But, we had studied hard to explain it the best
we could, and she accept it. She's reading the BoM and praying
dilligently, and as soon as she gets her answer, she'll be set.

We also started teaching a new family this week. My first transfer in
Waterville, I took my companion less-active hunting. We were just
going through the ward list knocking on the doors of members who
aren't coming (there are like 170 head of households that don't come.
There's TONS of less-actives in the area.) One of those we talked to
was Bro. Berard. He's a less-active who has a non-member wife and four
kids. From the first visit, I felt something that was special about
that family. I felt a strong need to keep going back. So, we did. We
have been for months, each time getting to know them a little bit and
sharing spiritual thoughts. Last week, I felt prompted to extend an
invitation to Bro. Berard to retake the lessons to rekindle the
feelings he had when he took lessons from the missionaries the first
time. He accepted, and asked if the family could sit it. We were
thrilled to say yes. Yesterday, we went over for a lesson. We didn't
know if the family would actually come in- they didn't seem to be into
us coming the last few times. But as soon as we got there, the whole
family herded in and eagerly went through the Restoration lesson with
us. The kids, all under the age of 14, were asking questions, and were
eager to accept the invitation to pray, come to church, and go to
mutual. We have  a return appointment next week. I now know that it
was the Spirit that kept telling me to go back, and I have a strong
feeling that they are ready to receive the Gospel.

So yeah. Life is awesome. This week, we'll be going up to Bangor for a
specialized zone training. I've been asked to play the piano for
another musical number. I'm excited for that. We were also asked to
give talks in next week's sacrament meeting. I'm super excited for
that. Giving talks on your mission is awesome, because it gives you a
reason to invite EVERYBODY to church. And I mean everybody. I invited
the lady who owned the laundromat we used this morning to come haha.
Hopefully we'll have a big turn out. My topic is, conveniently, about
my favorite topic to teach- the Plan of Salvation. I can't wait. I'll
update more about it next week.

This next week should be awesome! I'm still loving the mission life.
I'm healthy and happier than ever. Well, I better get going. I'm going
on exchange again, and we have to drive for an hour west to get to
their area to switch. Love you all! Hope all stays well! Can't wait to
hear from you next week!


Elder KC Esplin

P.S.- Sorry to those who have written me letters that I haven't
replied to yet. My P-days have been insane because I've been having to
do exchanges every Monday. I typically only get about a half hour to
write every week. I promise I will write, but it may take a little
longer now. Please keep writing me though! Mail means the world to a
missionary. Thanks again for all your love!!

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