Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Year is off to a great start

So this last week was great. I started it off with an exchange with a missionary up in Skowhegan. My first exchange as a district leader. It went well though. We found a new investigar, and funny enough, the conversation started because St. George came up. I'm amazed at how many people out here know about St. George, Utah. I love it. I also had my first baptismal interviews. It got exciting when my first interview confessed things to me they failed to bring up to the other elders...so I got to work that one out. But, it all came together and they'll be baptized this next weekend. I'm super excited for them. I came back from exchange to learn that the elders here in Waterville set a baptismal date with Sam! She'll be baptized most likely on the 29th of January. I'm super excited about that. Wednesday was district meeting with the zone leaders. I did a training on the structure of the ward and the role missionaries play in it. I learned a TON about how a ward functions as I studied for it, and I noticed that I seem to love learning how an organization is structured and about how the individual roles function to contribute to the whole. Might this contribute to a career choice? Who knows. But all in all, it was great catching more of a vision of what my calling is in the Lord's Kingdom as a missionary.

Eating a Whoopie Pie.....Yummmy
So yesterday was really exciting. We had a great investigator turn out to church. Among them were two new investigators we got started this last week. One of them is named Roger. He just moved up from North Carolina, and has a super thick southern draw and is a "southern gentleman" in every sense of the word. Extremely polite and proper. We taught him about the BoM and he loved it. He'll progress rapidly. We also found an investigator named David last week, and they had us over for dinner this week. He's the husband to a less-active member of the church. He told us that his parents died in a fire a few years ago, and ever since then, he's suffered from anxiety and depression. We expressed to him that true peace can only come from understanding and living the gospel, and then taught him about who his Heavenly Father was. It was so special to look him square in the eyes and testify that he has a loving Heavenly Father, and to see a light come into his eyes. He said the closing prayer, and in it, he thanked God for the feeling of peace he felt as we taught him. It was super powerful to see the Gospel in action. He then came to church, loved it, and wants us over for dinner this next week. Another really cool thing about Sunday- Tammy passed her baptismal interview, so she's all set to be baptized this Sunday! We're super excited for that too. She's so awesome. After church, we ended up in a Baptist Preacher's home having  a little...chat...about doctrines. He was trying SOOO hard to get me to Bible bash with him. But I refused to, and just kept pointing him back to the BoM and Joseph Smith. It was a super intense hour and a half, but ultimately, he refused to read the BoM or pray about it, which was lame. But, his daughter, who goes to a college near by, said she really wanted to learn what we believed, so she accepted a BoM and said she'd give us a call. We'll see where that goes!

So yeah. It was a really good week. This next week should be good too. Lots of teaching, lots of potential investigators to wrap up, and lots of baptismal invitations to extend! I decided that the goal for the area should be to have 12 baptisms by April, and I'm pretty sure they can reach it. I'll work my tail off to set it up!

So, I've been thinking about progress a lot lately. About reaching our potential and whatnot. And I realized something. If we don't feel like we're progressing, we either have one of two problems- a lack of vision, or a lack of humility. Both are damning in the true sense of the word. Just something worth thinking about.

Ok, I gotta go. Love you all! Can't wait to hear from you next week! Take care!


Elder KC Esplin

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