Monday, February 13, 2012

My new area is Bangor Maine

Wow. This last week was super intense. TONS of transitions. First of all, turns out my prediction from last week that I'd be going to Auburn was wrong- I'm serving in Bangor, Maine. The actual name of the area is the Brewer Area, Brewer being a smaller town on the outskirts of Bangor. There's a set of missionaries that serve as the Bangor elders, so they call us Brewer to distinguish. So yeah. We actually cover more of the city of Bangor than they do though, ironically enough. Because of that, our area is tiny in comparison to my last two areas- more than half the size. But, because Bangor is very densely populated, we still have TONS of people to talk to. Bangor is like the third largest city in Maine. It's also super old- established before the 1800's I think. I like it so far. The whole week has been kind of overwhelming between meeting all the investigators/less-actives we're working with, getting to know the ward, being trained to be a zone leader, etc. But so far, it's going great!

A few awesome things about the new area. Firstly, the apartment is AMAZING. It's one of the biggest in the mission. It even has two floors. Yeah. It's basically an entire house to ourselves. I LOVE it. Huge change from the tiny little apartment I had in Waterville. We also get to drive a mini-van now. Yep. It's awesome. Her name is Frieta. The teaching pool is really small right now, and I understand why- it's going to be really hard balancing being a zone leader and going on exchanges/district meetings/trainings and so on with running the area and doing normal missionary work. But, Elder Jones (my new companion) has been out for a long time (he goes home after this transfer) so if we put our heads together, I'm sure we'll get the area up and running.

Well, there's a ton more I could write about everything that's going on in the area, but I'm super short for time today. We have an exchange to go on tonight, and we're carting the Bangor elders around all day, and we have tons to do. I guess I better get used to having not tons of time to do things I want to do!! Here's my new address by the way.

Elder KC Esplin
58 Perkins St. #2
Bangor, ME 04401

 Know that I love you all, you'll be in my prayers, and I hope you have an awesome week! Take care!


 Elder KC Esplin

P.S.- I hit my year mark this Thursday. How crazy is that????

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