Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time is flying by quicker then ever

Time is flying by quicker than ever. The last two weeks don't even
feel like they existed. Here's a fun fact for you- I'll be on the
plane exactly one year from today. Don't get too trunky for me being
home yet though! haha we had a party to celebrate my year mark on the
16th. It was the same day as district meeting, so after, we had pizza
and I burned my year mark white shirt, as is missionary tradition.
That was a lot of fun. I can't believe I"m officially on the downhill
side! Everybody tells me the second year goes the fastest. I'm anxious
to find out if they're right!

I got to see a lot of cool stuff this week. On Monday, we went on
exchange with the Elders in Machias, Maine. Their area includes the
most eastern point in the United States. It's also the main producer
of blueberries in the world. We did a lot of work, which was really
cool. I was also introduced to P-90X and did a few workouts while I
was there, and I'll DEFINITELY get into that as soon as I get home.
Good stuff. It's been fun to get to drive around and see a lot of the
state. I'm going to know Maine super well!

Most of our week was dedicated to finding this week, since our
teaching pool has been a little shallow. We saw some insane miracles.
Here's a good one. Before we left to go tracting, we said a prayer
that we'd find someone who has been prepared and is ready to receive
the gospel. We then hit a neighborhood our bishop told us to go tract.
Everybody was home (which was super weird) but nobody wanted to hear
us out. As we approached our last house, I thought to myself," man, I
wonder if any of these people realize how hard and awkward it is for
us to be on their doorstep..." So, I decided I'd tell this last person
just that same thing. So, I knocked on the door and basically said,
"Hi, we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints. We're sorry if we interrupted you in the middle of anything,
and I'm sorry we showed up unannounced, but we can assure you that
it's as weird for us knocking on your door as it is for you  having us
show up." She laughed. I then looked her in the eyes and said," But
the reason why we're here is because we have a message that has
changed both of our lives, and we know it will bless yours, and we
only ask for a minute of your time so we can share it with you." I
felt the Spirit as I said it, and I could see she felt it too. We then
shared the Book of Mormon with her. She told us "It's funny actually
that you're giving me this book. I just finished reading a book and I
was just thinking about what to read next." We have an appointment to
come back next week. I learned two things from that- first, that the
Lord really does have people prepared to receive the gospel, and
second, that by being real with yourself and others, people will open
up. We don't need to put on a show.

Another cool finding miracle. We were going around contacting former
investigators, and we knocked on a lady's door. She saw us and just
said "Oh, we're not interested anymore, sorry." I quickly asked if
there was anything we could do to help her out. She thought about it,
and said "Well, I've been wanting to take this screen door off for
ages, but I haven't been able too. Will you help?" We then spent the
next 15 mintues or so ripping the screen door off. After, she invited
us in, and we got talking about her family and about her interests and
whatnot. We then segued into the gospel, and told her about the
blessings that would come into her family as she accepted our message.
She agreed to have us come back next week. Again, I learned two
things- that our message really is designed to bless the family, and
secondly, that giving service can open large doors.

Welp, there's the gist of my last week! On the menu for this week,
I'll be going on exchange to Rockland tomorrow until Thursday (I'm
super excited for that- it'll be my first time going back there since
last year) and then on Thursday, we're going to go to zone conference
down in Augusta. Then on Friday, we're going on exchange with the
Bangor elders. So....yeah. It's going to be an insane week. But I'm
loving the work, I love my companion, I love our mini-van, and I love
all of you! Have a great week!!!


Elder KC Esplin

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