Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life on my end is as good as ever!

 This last week was awesome.
Although, the weather is as bipolar as ever. On last Monday, it was
sunny and like 70 degrees. The next two days, it was snowing like
crazy. One of the areas in the zone actually got stuck in a white out.
Then it got sunny again. And now, it's 70 again. Yep. It's awesome.
But it's supposed to stay this way, and I'm really excited for it to
be summer again. I love the green.

On Tuesday, we held a little missionary activity for the youth in the
ward. We had them read "Our Commission to Teach" In ch. 1 of Preach my
Gospel, then gave them a mock investigator to prepare a lesson plan
for, then we real played teaching the lesson. It went really well. We
also went on two exchanges with other elders- both times I stayed in
Brewer, so it wasn't that exciting. We went to Dover-Foxcroft (the
northern-most area in the mission) for district meeting, where I
totally dominated in a game of PMG jeapordy. It was quite similar to
the scripture mastery bowl, so it brought back some fond memories.
Then, on Friday, we had a big lasagna bake-off. There were like 20
lasagnas made, and tons of non-members came. Two of them- Joe and
Susie, came and loved it. They then came to church the next day!
They're awesome, and totally getting baptized as soon as they get
married. We're really excited for them.

So yeah. That's this week I guess. Elder Jones goes home tomorrow, so
I'll be getting a new companion, which is a bummer. I've loved serving
with him- he's probably my favorite companion. But I'm sure my new
comp and I will get along well. I'll be training a new zone leader I
guess, so that'll be interesting. So here's something exciting-
tomorrow, to get down to transfer meeting down in Manchester, New
Hampshire, I'm going to be driving a car ALL BY MYSELF! Yep. Alone for
4 hours in a car. I can't wait. It's going to be the awesome. But
that's really all that I know of. This week will mainly be  a
transition we are getting ready for the new transfer. We'll see what
comes up.

In other news, an investigator in Waterville that I taught is getting
baptized on Friday! It's Diane. I'm so excited for her and her husband
(an active member). I wish I could be there, but I don't think it'll
happen. Oh well. It's just awesome knowing she's made it.

Ok, well I better run. We're having a district P-day with the Newport
Sisters and the Bangor Elders. I think we're going candlestick
bowling, which I'm super excited for. Have a great week! Love you all!


Elder KC Esplin

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