Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This past week was WILD!

So, this last week was WILD! Probably one of the fastest and weirdest
weeks of my mission. On Monday, we drove to Lewiston to spend the
night in preparation for Zone Leaders Council. Elder Jones and I swung
by Belfast on the way since we both served there. It was SO weird
being back. I still knew the area like the back of my hand, and we
were able to make a few stops to talk to less-actives and members we
worked with. That was surreal. Then Tuesday was Zone Leader Council
from 9-5 in Manchester, which  is about 4 hours away from Bangor in
case you're wondering. It was held in the mission home, which was fun.
 A lot of my former companions were there, including Elder Brown,
Hess, and Nicholes. It was a lot of fun seeing them again. In the
meeting, we discussed and set mission standards for the key
indicators. It was cool to be part of such a big change in the mission
culture. Then, we were treated to a fun surprise. The mission bought a
truck for the Halifax, Canada mission, and needed it transported to
our area so they could come down and pick it up. So, I drove the van,
and Elder Jones drove the truck back to Bangor. Alone. Yes, that's
right. I got to drive alone in a car. It was SO weird!! I haven't been
alone for a year now haha. That was a fun experience most missionaries
don't get to have.

On Wednesday, I went to Waterville's district meeting, which was also
super weird. The district was exactly the same as when I left it,
except that my replacement was there instead of me, and a different
elder was the district leader. But it was fun to see Elder Jenkins
again, and I got to call a few of my converts to encourage them, which
was cool. After, we went on exchange in Farmington. It got cut short
though when I heard there was supposed to be a blizzard the next
morning, so we called and arranged to switch back early. Sure enough,
on the drive home to Bangor, we got a call saying the cars were all
going to be grounded the next day. Looks like it was a good call! So
Thursday was a lot of nothing. We did weekly planning, cleaned the
apartment, had lessons fall through, the usual thing. But we spent all
night shoveling people's driveways, which I really enjoyed. It felt
good to just dedicate an entire night to giving service to strangers.
That's the kind of thing I'll miss when I get home.

Friday, we had district meeting, which went well. We tried to have a
big waffle lunch after, but it failed epically. But whatever. We had a
lesson on setting baptismal dates, and Elder Jones and I got pumped.
That night, we had a lesson with two investigators- Joe and Susie- who
have been kind of struggling to be progressing, and we got to set a
baptismal date with them! It's not until October because that's when
they'll be getting married, but it helped them be committed to the
gospel a little more. They even came to church on Sunday, which we
were pumped for.

So yeah. That's my week in a nut shell haha.

One quick miracle for ya. On Friday morning, in companionship study,
we read out of Preach my Gospel chapter 9 about finding people to
teach. In it, we studied about 'going about doing good' and giving
service. In that section, it said to "pray for opportunities to give
service and come across people to share the gospel with." So, we said
a prayer as we left. Later that day, as we went to visit a
less-active, we saw an old lady pushing her husband in a wheelchair
towards a car. He had a big bag of garbage on his lap. We ran over and
offered to throw the garbage away. She thanked us, and told us how bad
it was that they hadn't shoveled out her car (it was surrounded by
snow.) So, I whipped out my shovel and started clearing her out while
my companion talked to her. In short, she agreed to let us come back
and share the gospel with her. Apparently, she has family that are
members of the church, and she has a friend who is part of the ward.
So...yeah. Heavenly Father really does hear and answer the prayer of
faith. I know He does.

Ok, time to get going. Love you all, hope you have a great week, and
I'll talk to you next Monday!


Elder KC Esplin

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