Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another great week

So....this week has been insane. There's not really another word for
it. "Awesome" would take second place probably. So on Monday night, we
were driving around with letting Elder Jones say his final goodbyes.
As we were heading home, I was pondering who my new companion would
be. I suddenly had a strong feeling that it'd be "Elder Carr." He was
down in Massachusetts, and I had no way of knowing if he was becoming
a zone leader, but that was the feeling I had. The next morning I
drove a car ALL BY MYSELF to transfer meeting. There, the verdict was
released that my new companion would be, indeed, Elder Carr. It was
crazy. We greeted each other enthusiastically, since we are both pretty
energetic, and enjoyed the rest of the meeting. We also learned that
one of the missionaries that went home when I was in the MTC made it
back out!! I was SOO excited to see him, especially since I had just
written him about three weeks before, and I had no idea he was coming
back out. That was really exciting. The next two days, Elder Carr and
I just planned out the transfer (meetings, exchanges, district
meetings, all that jazz), then we cleaned and organized the apartment,
which hadn't been done in at least 2 years. That was pretty exciting.
Then it was right to work.

On Friday, we went on exchange with the Farmington elders. We
exchanged in Waterville, and it just so happened that our time to
exchange was only an hour after the baptism of Diane in Waterville, so
I decided we'd stop in and get to catch it. The entire ward was there
basically, so it was really cool to get to see everybody. Tammy was
especially excited. I even ended up playing the piano because the
pianist had to leave for an emergency. It was really special to get to
be there as I watched a woman who had so many doubts before now enter
the waters of baptism. Another really cool thing is that Phil was
there. Remember Phil? He's the guy I found about 4 months ago when we
prayed we'd find somebody on the short walk from our apartment one
morning? Anyways, he was there, and he was in a suit and tie (much
different than the attire I ever saw him in), and he told me he was
preparing to be baptized in two weeks. That blew me away- his story is
probably one of the most direct experiences I've ever had with prayer.
I told him the story about how I found him, and about how much it
meant to me that he was being baptized, and we were both in tears by
the end. It's so cool to see the Lord's hand in this work, because I
know this really is his work.

So that night, I was with Elder Murray back up in Bangor. We had a
very open morning, so I prayed before planning that we'd have
inspiration of what we should do to be productive. As soon as I said
that, a name popped into my head- Sister Hunter. As soon as I got up,
I wrote that down for 10 o'clock. As I kept planning, so many other
plans seemed to make more sense to do at that hour, but I couldn't
deny the fact I really felt we were supposed to go see Sis. Hunter at
10. So, we kept to it, and made an appointment with Joe and Susie to
go see them at 11. So the next morning, we took off to go see Sis.
Hunter, who lives in a rest home. Upon arrival to her room, we found
out she was asleep (which has NEVER happened at that hour, which is
when we usually go see her) and decided not to wake her. I left
feeling really confused. I felt really strongly that we were supposed
to go see her...So I started thinking of other things we could do in
the area, but couldn't think of anything for the life of me. So we
decided we'd just go to Joe and Susie early. When we got to their
housing complex, I looked at the time and saw we had 15 minutes. I
tried to think of what we could do. Then, I saw another house. I
remembered that Susie and recommended we try by there to see her
friend-Sherry-, but we could never get hold of her. So, I decided we
should go stop by, not really knowing what to expect. After knocking,
we found out she was home, and she welcomed us right in. Apparently,
her uncle had been baptized only a few years before, and she was very
grateful for the church and all it had done for him and for her
family. She eagerly told us she wanted to meet with us, and that she
felt she needed this in her life. I left, once again, feeling so
assured that the Lord really does hear our prayers. Even though he
sent us around a little bit, I feel he sent us on this chain of events
so we'd find this woman, and I can't wait to see where she goes.

So yeah. I've been seeing so many miracles lately. It's incredible to
see how the Lord really does hear our real prayers, and how he sends
us real answers. I know that the gospel is real, because the happiness
and peace I feel from it is real. It's amazing to see how much I'm
changing and growing out here, and it's even cooler to see how the
gospel helps others learn and grow as well, and I'll be eternally
grateful for the opportunity I have to be serving in Northern New
England, and I really do know that this is where I'm supposed to be.

This next week should be a good one. We have zone leader's council
tomorrow, so we'll be driving down and back the next two days.
Wednesday, I'll be on exchange, bringing up an elder from Skowhegan,
then the rest of week should just be lots of hard work! I can't wait!

Well, we better run. We have a crazy day today getting packed and
whatnot. Then tonight, Joe wanted to try and take Elder Carr and I on
in wrestling, so that'll be interesting. He's 300 pounds and was
training to be a UFC fighter. i'll let you know how that one goes haha.
Love  and miss you all, hope you have a great week, and I'll look
forward to hearing from you soon!


Elder KC Esplin

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