Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter yesterday! Man, this has been one of the best Easters
ever. Just like last Christmas, it was the completely centered on
Christ with nothing lost to commercialism. We went around with the
little Easter activity you gave me mom, and shared the message about
the true meaning of Easter with everybody who would let us in. It led
to some very powerful discussion about Christ's atonement, and that
lead to a very spiritual Easter. We had a great turn out for sacrament
meeting too- Joe and Susie came, along with three potential
investigators. One of them is a really cool story. His name is Joseph.
He's from Haiti and is basically homeless. We stopped him on the
street one night and talked to him. He said he'd talked to
missionaries before, and would be interested in coming to church
sometime, and walked off. That was about a month ago. Two weeks later,
we saw him on the streets again. So we talked to him again, and he
said the same thing- "maybe I'll come to church with you sometime."
Then, the next week, we saw him at a non-devotional church we attended
with a member! We talked to him again, and he told us the same thing-
"Maybe I'll come to church with you sometime." So this last Saturday,
we got a phone call from him saying "I told you I'd come to church
with you sometime, so I think I'll go ahead and do just that." We
found him a ride, he came, and he really liked it. He's now moving to
New Jersey, but we told him how to get in touch with missionaries down
there, so we're expecting the best for him!

We had a really cool miracle this week. On Tuesday, we helped a recent
convert rip wall paper out of a room for like two hours. We dressed
down into jeans and T-shirts to do help in. On our way to drop off the
Bangor elders at their apartment, we drove by the house of a referral
we had received, but we'd never been able to contact. He was outside
raking leaves. We were really excited- this was our chance! So we
hurried and dropped off the other elders and drove back. We jumped out
of the van and started to help him. After raking for a while, he
invited us into his house. His name was Austin. He was in his mid 20's
or so, and had just gotten out of prison. He told us he was trying to
get over a serious drug addiction, and had put himself into lock-down
so he could detox. He talked about how he was trying to turn his life
around and start over fresh. We told him about how he had started over
fresh physically by getting off drugs, and started fresh legally by
paying his debts to society, but we told him about how he could have a
fresh start spiritually, and proceeded to have a lesson on baptism. It
was really powerful, and he invited us right back. We'll be going
over later this week, and we're really excited for it! It was
definitely a cool miracle.

This next week should be exciting. I'll be going on exchange tonight
with the Machias elders, then on exchange again on Friday with the
Bangor elders. We'll also get to throw in there 4 dinner appointments,
setting up a zone training on the 19th, and several appointments. Life
is really crazy! But I feel I'm getting on top of everything, and I
feel I'm becoming more and more capable for the things that lie in the
future. All is going well thus far!

So one cool thought before I take off. I listened to a talk this week
on missionary work, and I feel I got several eternal principles from
it. One of them really stands out to me.

"The moment you begin to think of yourself is the moment you will
begin to have a bad day."

I started thinking about that one a lot, and I realized how true that
is! I mean, almost every time something happens that makes us sad or
angry, it's because it sets us back somehow from something we want.
But if we just think of others, it doesn't really matter what happens
to us, because it doesn't relate to anybody else! It's like a secret
to happiness! I know I did a horrible job explaining how I feel about
it, but think about it a bit. Maybe it'll make more sense to each of
you individually.

well, I better run. Hopefully I'll get to hear from you next week!
Love you all so much! Have a great week!


Elder KC Esplin

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