Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Sounds like things are still going well back home. I'm glad you friend ed Sis. Wilcox on facebook! They're such an awesome family. And really good cooks too haha. Yeah, she's too good to us, and does our laundry for us, which is SUCH a blessing. We're extremely appreciative of that. And you don't have to worry about shoe polish- I got that covered. I just don't polish them until a zone meeting haha. And those are my nice shoes. You should see my tr acting shoes! and I can't believe that Jared's shoe size is 10...that's my size! Good heck. I'm sure he's going to tower over me when I get home. But even with all his working out, I'll still be able to wrestle him down. This last week, I was in Watervilles area again, and I used their weights and found out I can curl 40 lbs on one arm fairly easily. Not bad, eh? Haha and I'm glad Trixie is doing well too. I'm still praying for her! It sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff coming up this week. Have fun up north! Say hi to USU for me too. I miss it up there sometimes. It's also fun to think that the livestock show is coming up. How do you think they'll do this year? Oh and by the way, I write for a long as I have time for haha. Don't forget-I'm with 3 other elders every P-day. Besides. My letters always dominate the size of the others. They tease me about it occasionally. But I'll do my best to throw in more details!

So as I said, this week was just straight up crazy. No other word can describe it. On Monday, we drove down to Auburn to spend the night with the Augusta zone leaders. Then it was down to Manchester, New Hampshire for zone leader council. It was a lot more intense this time than the last one. We discussed a specialized zone training coming up in two weeks, plus a heated discussion about call-in formats and a sharing of zone goals. So yeah. Just boring stuff. Although, I did play the piano, and Elder Brown, Elder Nicholes, and I did a little singing trio for everyone, which as fun. We then drove up to Waterville that night. I'll tell you what, it was SO weird spending the night in my old apartment. I stayed up late talking to the Elder who took my spot about everybody there. I even got to call Tammy and see how she was doing. The next morning, we drove up to Skowhegan for district meeting, where we exchanged with the Skowhegan elders. I went with the elder who I was in the MTC with! It was so cool to get to talk with him a little more and share mission experiences with him. That was really fun.The next morning, we drove to Palmyra, Maine to exchange back, then it was off to the Bangor district meeting and on and on and on. I think you get the drift haha. Tons of driving, tons of meetings, tons of interacting with other missionaries. It's just been crazy. But, we got to end the week with General Conference!! How awesome is conference?? Seriously. It's the best. I loved it SO much. Tons of stuff on the family too. It made me want to be better, that's for sure. We actually witnessed a huge miracle during conference. Here. I'll share.

After the morning session of conference on Saturday, we went to Joe and Susie's house to see how they were doing. While there, they suddenly got into a big argument. We could sense there was some tension in their relationship. We sat wondering what we could do, because none of my advice seemed to do anything. Then I spoke up, and promised them that if they would watch the next session of conference together, they would hear something that would help them find greater love and happiness. They said they would not watch it. Elder Carr then spoke up and said that he was feeling the same prompting and promised the same blessing. As we headed over to the church for the next session of conference, we knelt in prayer with the Bangor elders and asked Heavenly Father for a miracle that they would watch it together, and that they'd hear something that would bless them. The very next talk was Elder Holland, and on many occasions throughout the talk, Elder Carr and I looked at each other in confirmation that this is what they needed to hear. After the talk, we sent them a text asking if they had watched it, not sure of what response to expect. The reply came from Joe- "Yes that was good, and it hit home." Turns out they decided to watch it together. Later that night, Joe even came to Priesthood session, something he wasn't planning on doing before. It was a clear answer to prayer. I know the Lord hears our prayers when they are offered in faith, and that miracles are wrought when we follow the promptings of the Spirit. I KNOW that that's a very real thing.

So yeah. Life has been really crazy with the onslaught of zone responsibilities, stresses of keeping the area going, helping Elder Carr learn how to be a zone leader, keeping our investigators afloat, and so on. But, I keep telling myself one of my favorite sayings that got me through stressful times in high school- "We're a lot like rubber bands- we only can grow when we're stretched." Plus, I've found this last week that during the times I feel the weakest, I always end up on my knees pleading for help, and it always comes. It's amazing how good God is being to me. He showers miracles on us every day, he grants me peace when I feel overwhelmed, and he helps those who I love find happiness. I can't even begin to describe how much my testimony of the Savior and of the divinity of this gospel is growing. It's so amazing to be part of this work, and I'm loving every minute of it. I can't wait for this next week to partake in the Easter spirit and feel even closer to the Savior.

This next week should be pretty exciting. On Wednesday, we'll be driving up to Dover-Foxcroft, Maine for district meeting, then back to Bangor for exchanges with an old pal- Elder Slater. The rest of the week shoud be fairly slow paced as far as intense zone stuff going on, so maybe I'll get to hammer out the area like I've been dying to do. I'm especially excited for this next week to get to center all our lessons around Christ to help get everybody ready for Easter. I'm super excited for that. I don't know if anybody has seen the new Bible videos on, but if you haven't, you need to. They're incredible. Check them out! It's the best way you could invite the true spirit of Easter in. (plus, they can be a great way to share the gospel *hint hint*)

Ok, well I better run. But I love and miss you all! Can you believe how fast the time is flying? It's'll be next Monday before we know it. Take care! Talk to you next week!


Elder KC Esplin

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