Monday, May 14, 2012

What Happened to your E-mail

What the heck! Dumb email...I totally DID write you! It just didn't
send. It's lame too because it was a long one...oh well. I guess
that's just how the cookie crumbles! I forwarded it to you, so
hopefully you get it this time! Hopefully this one won't have any

Mom, I'm glad to hear you had a great trip to Mexico. Did anything fun
happen? And Dad, congrats on the blue ribbon pig! That's a bummer J
wasn't feeling so good. Hopefully it all worked out well. Haha that's
funny you saw all my pictures of the rib incident with the Wilcox's
haha. They're really kind to us. So anything else going on this next
week? How's the back yard doing? Any update on Trixie's leg either?

So...yeah. Life continues to be insane. But I'm loving it! So this
last Saturday was transfer calls. Elder Carr and I were fairly
confident that we'd both be staying together, so we were entertaining
ourselves calling other areas and tormenting them and finding out what
was going on. As we were doing so, suddenly our phone rang. It was
President Wilkey. My stomach fell through the floor. He started off by
saying, "Elders! Are you surprised to get a call from me?" The answer
was yes haha. He then told us "Well, you may be even more surprised
with what I have to tell you!" By this point, I was super nervous. he
then told us," But don't worry- you're both staying!" We both let out
a sigh of relief. He then said "But, you'll be receiving a third
companion for the next transfer!" We were both a little shocked to
hear that though! He didn't say much after that- just to be ready to
be a trio for the next 6 weeks. So...yeah. That's the biggest piece of
news on my end of thighs! So tomorrow, I'll have to drive down to
Auburn to pick him up, then come back to Bangor. I hope it's somebody

So last Monday, we had zone leader's council. it was really intense.
Apparently, the church is about to release a massive "countering anti"
campaign for us to do. it'll be interesting. We also did preparations
for zone conference in a few weeks. Then on Tuesday, we spent the
night in Belfast, had district meeting, then drove to Ellsworth, where
I spent the day on exchange. I swear, that part of Coastal Eastern
Maine is some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen in my life.
SO gorgeous. I'd consider retiring there. Not sure if I'd live there
before that, but maybe one day haha. After the exchange, we headed
back to Bangor and got to work. On Friday, while giving service at the
habitat for humanity, we found two SUPER nice desks for $45, and
couldn't resist buying them. It worked out nicely when we realized we
were getting a third companion and would have needed to get another
desk anyways. We also tracked down another dresser and a bed, and are
working on installing them into the apartment. So overall, we've been
doing some home making-over of our own. It's been fun, and the
apartment is looking super nice.

I've been able to do a ton with music this last week. On Thursday, a
less-active we spend a lot of time with booked me a gig at his rest
home. So I went over and gave them a little 30 minute program of
music. I got up and cracked jokes in between and whatnot, and told
them about what I do as a missionary, and ended with a spiritual hymn
arrangement. It went pretty well. They seemed to enjoy it at least.
And it got the less-active to come to church with her neighbor, so
that was awesome!! Another cool thing I got to do with music was
yesterday. I got the chance to play a hymn arrangement of "Be Still My
Soul" in sacrament! It went pretty well. Then that night, we went over
to the Bishop's house for dinner, and it turns out he has a really
musical family. He played some guitar and we sang, and his son brought
out his saxophone and played a bit, and of course I had to play a
little bit myself. So yeah. It's been really fun getting to do a
little more music, and be able to use it to do missionary work.
Hopefully I'll get to do more in the future!

So yeah. That's basically been life lately. It's been SO busy. We
hardly have time to eat meals anymore haha. Between keeping the area
going and taking care of zone stuff, it's hard to do much of anything
else. Because of that though, time is flying like crazy. I can't
believe it's already May! AHH!! With all the craziness has come stress
of course. And there's been some other curve balls thrown at us too.
But I'm learning more than ever that the only way we can accomplish
all we need to do is to rely on the Lord and trust in Him to give us
strength. I'm still loving life and giving it all I've got though!
It'll be an exciting week adjusting to having a third companion and
doing transfer plans. I'll be sure to give an update this next week!

Ok, I better go. Love you all! Is there anything I can do for you? Any
spiritual thought on something needed? Want another treat from New
England? Haha mom, do you want anything special for mother's day? I'm
excited to talk to you soon too! I always look forward to those days I
get to call home. Anyways, I better run. Love you all! Have a great


Elder KC Esplin

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