Monday, June 18, 2012

Adjusting to new routine

So, as expected, this week can be summarized into two words- "in" and "sane." You can conserve and make them into one word if you'd like. But seriously, it's been nuts. I feel like

I've been thrown into a massive drying machine with stuff spinning all around me. But, I'm loving it! Tuesday morning, I drove down to Manchester and had transfer meeting, where it was announced that I'd be the new assistant, and that my companion would be Elder Sommerfeldt from Mapleton, UT. It was then announced that his former companion, Elder Adams, would be made a traveling assistant, and that until he left the following week, he'd remain in Manchester. So, yeah. For those of you keeping score at home, that means I've been in ANOTHER trio this week. I'm starting to get the feeling President is just wanting two witnesses to everything I do to make sure I don't get myself into too much trouble haha. But it's been fun. From the second we left the chapel, it's been go go go. Between teaching lessons, getting familiarized with the area, and learning all the new responsibilities I have as an assistant, I have hardly had time to eat or sleep. Literally, we don't really plan that into our schedule haha. but overall, I'm LOVING it. I feel I'm going to be able to do a lot more good in this calling, especially by way of helping other missionaries. I'm also really excited to get to work with President Wilkey more. I've already learned a lot from him in the last week. One juicy tidbit I got from him this morning in a meeting was, "Never let others define who you are." I thought that was pretty cool.

So my new assistant schedule looks something like that. On Mondays, we compose the weekly reports, have staff meeting, have a little while for e-mails, and then 2 hours of P-day recreation time (usually to play basketball at the church apparently). So, my P-days are basically gone, so to all those who write, I will indeed be slowed down in replying, but I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can! And just so you know, I"ll be doing emails any time between 9 AM to 3 PM (7 AM-1 PM your time). So it may be best to write yours Sunday night.

Tuesdays, we typically have a training of one kind or another. This week, it''ll be a trainers/new missionary's meeting. But this one will vary every week. The weeks we don't train, we'll be most likely doing exchanges with zone leaders. Wednesdays, we go to other district meetings across the mission, typically the ones nearby (New Hampshire and Massachusetts). Thursday, we'll have our district meetings in Manchester (my district leader is my MTC companion- Elder Rodriguez! I'm SO excited for that!). Then Friday or Saturday is mission planning with President Wilkey, where we just plan with him about anything and everything. This last one went for 6 hours. It'll be a fun meeting. Then the day we don't have that planning, we'll do weekly planning for the area. Then in the mix of everything else, we get to throw in dealing with missionary concerns, producing reports, creating agendas, setting up trainings, all that sort of stuff. Then, on all that, we get to keep the area running! Yeah!

The area is awesome though. it's VERY culturally diverse. We're working with people from Nepal, Sudan, Dominican Republic, and more. We mainly just walk on the streets and contact people in our spare time. The advantage though is that people not from here are typically a lot more open and willing to talk and listen, so that's nice. We found 5 new people just talking on the streets, 2 from Mexico, 2 from Nepal, and one from New Hampshire. I'm loving the area and the ward. So yeah. Things are going quite awesomely on my end!

I better get running- we got a lot to do today- and none of it P-day related!! But know that I love you all, and that I know that this church is Christ's church, once again on the Earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that the Plan of Salvation is called the Plan of Happiness for a reason. Take care!! Love you!!


Elder KC Esplin

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