Monday, June 11, 2012

Assistant to the President

So. You ready for some crazy stuff?? This last weekend, as you know,
was transfer call night. President Wilkey has been telling us for a
while now that one of us would be leaving, so we were expecting a
call. The night kept going longer and longer, until it was 10:30- time
for bed. i was beginning to wonder if the call would ever come!
Finally, an assistant called, and as I started to talk to him,
President Wilkey called. We quickly switched over to him, eager to see
what the verdict was. Elder Niebergall was called up to bat first, and
even though he had only been here for one transfer, was told he was
going to be leaving to be a zone leader elsewhere. Elder Carr was
next, and he was told he would be staying in Bangor to train a new
zone leader. Then the phone came to me. President Wilkey said
(paraphrasing a bit) "i've been praying and fasting a lot about
transfers this week, and it's been revealed to me from the past few
transfers and from exchanges that the Lord has a calling for you. So,
in behalf of the Savior, and I mean that, I'm extending a call to be my assistant."

So.....yeah. Looks  like I'm going to be an assistant now!!

So, here's what the plan is now. I'm going to be leaving Bangor
tomorrow morning at 5:15 to drive down to transfer meeting in
Manchester, New Hampshire. Then, I stay in Manchester and take my
place in the Bedford 1 area. I'm unsure about which one of the two
assistants will be my new companion, but both of them are awesome, so
it'll be good either way. I have absolutely no idea what new
responsibilities I'll have, or what the area is like, or what to
expect at all basically...but what I DO know is what my new address
is! It'll be the mission office address, which is where most of the
stuff is sent to anyways. But here it is just in case you don't have

Elder KC Esplin (The "KC" will be needed now because there's another
Elder Esplin out here...)

2 Bedford Farms Dr. #208
Bedford, NH 03110

So yeah. There ya go. I'll be sure to give you an update on my new
life next week. So stay tuned.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to write more- I have to pack and do
all that jazz. I'd write more on the week, but not much happened haha.
We taught 26 lessons, which is a mission high for me, susie and james
came to church, and james should have a baptismal date this next week.
But overall, the main craziness is from the whole assistant-calling
thing. I have really mixed emotions about it- I'm excited for the new
adventure and about the new experiences and whatnot, but I'm nervous
for the new load of work and stress to deal with, along with the new
expectations to be perfect. I honestly don't feel qualified for this
calling. But, I know the Lord will help me out. He's got a plan for
me, as he does for everyone else, and I guess this is a part of mine.
So let's get excited to see what happens!!

On a side note, I don't know what's going to happen to my abilities to
e-mail and write letters. I know letter-writing is going to become
nearly impossible, seeing as assistants don't get a to all
those who still write, please be patient with me, I'll do my very
best! But please keep writing- the letters are always a good boost. I
appreciate them very much. But yeah, my letter-writing will soon be
slower than ever. So just a heads up. I also don't know what day we'll
write emails either. We'll have to play all that by ear. So if you
don't hear from me on Monday, just keep an eye out- it'll get to you
eventually. I just don't know what to expect haha.

I love you all, and I"ll be excited to hopefully fill you in a little
more once I get to test out the waters a bit! Talk to you all soon!!


Elder KC Esplin

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