Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

I had a great week!! Monday, we drove down to Auburn and spent the night with the Augusta zone leaders, then it was down to Manchester, New Hampshire on Tuesday for zone leaders council. It was really good. I got to put on a lunch time activity with one of the leadership things I learned in 4-H. I keep realizing just how valuable the things I learned there are going to be for me. After zone leader council, I ended up staying in Manchester for the next 3 days on exchange with one of the assistants- Elder Sommerfeldt. It was a blast. On Wednesday, we drove to the middle of New Hampshire to Lebanon for a district meeting, where I got to see some missionaries I got pretty close with. We also checked out a sweet Chinese buffet...but that's besides the point haha. We had some great lessons too. I entertained the son of a less-active with magic tricks and we ended up taking a bottle of wine from her fridge at the end. We also got approached by a lady who seemed a little out there, but we ended up going back the next day, and she had gathered a whole group of people to listen, so we taught them all about what the Book of Mormon was. That was cool. We also gave advice to a lady whos husband just went to prison for beating her, and we brought with us a member who was an ex-tattoo artist, and he looks the part too. That was really cool. But one of the coolest was a lesson with an investigator who had gotten into looking up anti on the internet. He read some pretty weird stuff, and was thinking of dropping the missionaries. We went in and addressed his concerns, and I then told him about my testimony, and about how when I was younger, my testimony got messed up because of anti I encountered (I gotta take a minute here to send out a warning- avoid anti. It's poison, and is a tool of Satan). But I told him about the only way we can have a real testimony is if we ready the Book of Mormon and pray about it and find out from the source of all truth whether it's true or not. I then bore testimony about how I had done that, and the results that have happened since. It was really powerful for me, and we both felt it resolved their concerns. The gospel really is simple- we just have to embrace it and go forth with faith!

 Thursday, we had district meeting in Manchester, and it was cool because the district leader was my MTC companion- Elder Rodriguez. Then we had the long 4 hour car ride back up to Bangor, where I got right back into the swing of things. We saw some AWESOME miracles the next few days. Sunday especially. We had 4 investigators to church, along with 6 less-actives!! After church, we had 2 hours to work before a member meal and a lesson with a less-active. We realized we were only 1 new investigator and 1 baptismal date from meeting our area's standards of excellence. So we set out now knowing how we would, but striving to meet them. After several stop-bys, we ended up at a former referral's house, who after talking to her, we learned her 16-yr-old son had just died in an automobile accident. We told her about the plan of salvation, and we got a return appt! So she became a new investigator! That was cool. We then had 20 minutes to go. I kind of gave up on the idea of a baptismal date because i didn't know of anybody we could, so we just went to an investigators house who wasn't really progressing. During the lesson, he just straight up said," You know, I have a feeling this church is true, and I might want to be baptized one day." We all got super excited, extended a baptismal date, and he accepted!! it was definitely a miracle. So awesome! The Lord really does know our desires and will help us reach them!!

 This next week will be fun- I'm going on exchange again down to Belfast on Thursday. Other than that, I'm going to be pounding it out in the area. I'm excited to be in the area for almost an entire week- we're going to get a lot done!

Love you all! I'll look forward to hearing from you next week!!


Elder KC Esplin

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