Sunday, June 3, 2012


It was SO great talking to you all last night. It always makes me so
happy getting to talk to you, and it also fires me up to work even
harder. I'm really excited to get down and dirty the rest of my time
out here! So I'll probably keep this a little shorter because I'm
short on time, and I know you've heard most of my shpeal yesterday,
but I'll do it one more time!

By the way, thank you SO much for your emails everyone. Dad, it was so
great getting to learn more about your mission, and Mom, I loved
hearing about your faith and what you've been through. I printed them
both off and will be keeping them with me the rest of my mission.

We ran super hard all week long. We ended up teaching 24 lessons and
finding 4 new investigators! That's definitely the most I've had
since I've been here, and the most we've had in this area in a long
time from the numbers I've seen. The trio is working out amazingly.
Because there's three of us, we only need one more person to go on
splits, so we did that several times so we could cover multiple
lessons. We taught 8 lessons in one day, which is the most I've EVER
taught in a day. That was wicked cool. So the work is doing great!

Well, turns out I have zero time haha. So I'll just stop for now. This
week will be awesome. Exchange tomorrow until Wednesday, then zone
conference on Thursday. Just a heads up, there may be an emergency
move on our part this week....stay tune next week. There may be some

In other news, we have a professional photographer in our ward who
offered to take some pictures of us this morning. We just got done,
and they are NICE! I'll send some home ASAP. Get excited. They're

I love you all SO much, and pray you'll have a great week! Know that I
know the church is true! Take care!!


Elder K. Esplin

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