Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hi Everyone

This week was one of the most chill weeks I've had in a while. It was nice. Only one exchange, and it was to Belfast (my old area)! It felt like going home a bit. We had a great exchange too. I was with Elder Gardner from Denver, Colorado. It was really fun. I got to see some old people I knew, like Serena and Pete & Rose, and I also got to talk to Roger on the phone. He got anti-ed the week of his baptism and fell off the face of the earth. Nobody has seen or heard from him since. I finally got him on the phone, and we talked about it quite a bit, and he should be coming up to Bangor today so we can finish off his doubts and get him back on track. I'm really excited for it!

I had a really special experience in the evening on exchange. We went to Pete and Rose's for dinner! I was stoked for it in the first place- They're amazing cooks. She made us homemade pizza in an Italian fire oven, which was amazing. Then we went in for a lesson. Just as a reminder, they've been taking lessons from missionaries for like 7 years, but haven't been baptized yet. They come to church and read and whatnot, but just don't want to commit. I knew this could be my last time teaching them, so I went all out. I talked to them about their beliefs and their hold-ups, and about the blessings of baptism. It got pretty intense half way, and they really came out with some deeper reasons why they're hesitant to join the church. I ended up bearing testimony to them at the end and, in tears, told them about the impact they had made in my life, and about how I wanted them to have the gospel so they could have the joy and peace I feel. I then extended a baptismal date for October, and they accepted!! It was so exciting,I left feeling like I was flying. So yeah. That was a great lesson.

The rest of the week was chill- we taught a ton- 24 lessons total. We also found 7 new investigators, which is a mission high for me. 4 of those were teenager kids who were all living in the same house with nowhere really to go or do. The gospel would work wonders in their lives. One of them was a black jazz singer, and we talked jazz for a while and I showed him 2 Ne. 4 and how it could be a sweet gospel song. He agreed and is working on it now haha. Church went well, we had an investigator- James- there, so that was awesome. But for the most part, it was a pretty mellow week!

This week will be especially mellow as well. We have no exchanges to go on, so that'll be really nice. We're just going to work hard all week together. Transfer calls will be this Saturday though!! I'm really nervous- President Wilkey told us straight up that at least one of us will be leaving. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking off. But we'll see what happens! Stay tuned- I'll update you on Monday!

I better get going- we're having district P-day today and have lots to do. Love you all! Have a great week! I'll look forward to hearing from you soon!


Elder KC Esplin

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