Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sorry I'm a little late writing

 This morning got a little crazy. Both
my companions went to the dentist, so I stayed with the Bangor Elders
to play games and get doughnuts. I also found a new backpack at
marshals! Now on to emails, then wal-mart, then packing out of town.
Should be a great day.

Man, it sounds like you've all been hard at work this week! I'm super
excited to see how the yard works when it's all finished. You'll have
to send me pictures! Speaking of pictures, I got my glamor shots back
a few days ago! I'll do my best to attach them in an email. Keep an
eye out for them! But I hope everybody is keeping their energy levels
high and things keep moving forward. I'm sure the backyard will get
finished quickly, especially with the two little helpers! Also, be
sure to chastise Jared from me- he didn't keep his commitment to
write me that little punk haha. I'll have to beat him up when I get
back. Dad, say hi to Fran from me sometime! I'll be excited to see her
when I get back!

This last week involved a TON of traveling. I was only in my area for
3 days. Monday- Tuesday, I was up in Lincoln with the elders up there
on exchange. We walked for 5 miles handing out family proclamations to
people on the streets, talked to a ton of old people, and ate at a
really good Chinese buffet. yep. That's about it haha. While on
exchange, I talked to President on the phone about if I was going to
be emergency transferred to another area because a missionary in our
zone went home. He said I'd probably be leaving. That night, as I way
planning out my good-byes to different people in the area, I got a
phone call from the assistants saying that I was staying! So I dodged
that bullet haha. So I'll be here for probably 3 more weeks, then be
getting transferred. That's my prediction at least.

Wednesday, we spent the day running around teaching as much as
possible, along with prepping for zone conference trainings and
whatnot. We got dinner with the coolest Asian guy ever- Ricky Lao (We
call him Ricky Bobby). He's from China, and we take him teaching with
us once a week. He's awesome. Then Thursday, we were off to Augusta
with a full van load of elders for zone conference. It was awesome! It
centered around the Spirit and how we can better receive personal
revelation. And you might find this interesting. We had a whole
training on how to prep our investigators for anti, and about how
right now, our church is in the news a TON and how to use it most
effectively. We got opened up to go onto and once a
week for an hour to find pages we can refer people to when they get
anti-ed or that they can look at to find interest in the church. So, in
short, our church is totally on the ball for the technology age.
Nothing else needs to be said!

I had two other cool highlights from zone conference as well. I
finally got to meet the other Elder Esplin who just got to the mission
from Orderville. Because of that, I had to get new name tags and stuff.
From here on out, I'll be "Elder K. Esplin." Exciting. I know. The
other cool thing. Remember Malachi from my first area? Remember how he
disappeared off the face of the earth once I left Belfast? Well guess
what??? Two elders from the other side of Maine came up to me and
said," Hey, do you know a guy named Malachi?" I got super excited and
said yes! They replied "He was riding his bike the other day and saw
us, so he came over, stopped us, and asked if he could start taking
the lessons again." I almost couldn't control my excitement when they
told me! I grabbed the elder by his shoulders and ask him where he
was, how he was, what he was up to, all of it. Turns out he's doing
awesome, and mentioned me to them and how he was almost baptized and
wants to get back into it. I got to write him a little letter that I
gave to the elders to give him. I couldn't stop smiling the rest of
the conference. You better believe all be praying and fasting like
crazy that things work out for him. If he joins the church, I'll feel
SO fulfilled. Let's hope he does!

So that takes us to Friday. After weekly planning, I took off to go
down to Waterville for exchange! I'm sure you can imagine my
excitement there. I felt like I was going home! It was especially fun
because I got to see a lot of people I knew- including the Gresgotts
and Tammy. The Gresgotts have a renewed desire to go to the temple,
which is AWESOME! Tammy on the other hand isn't doing so hot...but I
committed her to write me a letter telling me about it, so hopefully
we'll work it out. It was a great exchange. I got back to my area
Saturday afternoon, and we had a day of great work. We had a lesson
with a less-active who was about to leave the church because of some
anti his friend told him. We read the intro to the book of Mormon and
talked about how cool it was that all the witnesses to the book never
denied their testimonies, even after becoming enemies to Joseph Smith,
and when on their death beds. Pretty convincing, isn't it? Then that
night, we had a lesson with Joe and Susie about how to study the
scriptures to help us learn about things we need. It went amazingly.
Church went well too- we didn't have as many people as we'd hope, but
we had a potential investigator come, as well as a less-active who
hadn't been to church for 10 years. So yeah. Great things are

This week will be just as crazy as the last. I'll only be in the area
for 4 days. I'll be going to Auburn tonight, then on to Manchester
tomorrow for zone leader council, and I'll be staying in Manchester
until Thursday for an exchange with the assistants. The weekend will
be full of hard work, I'm sure! So that's the battle plan for this
next week. It'll be a good one!

Love you all, hope you have a great week, and I'll look forward to
hearing from you soon! Take care!!


Elder KC Esplin

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