Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Great Week

Whew! What a week. We worked super hard all week long and we had some great things happen. There wasn't a ton of assistant-type work to do, so we basically had a full week to work in the area. The only administrative things we had to do was help put on a training for all new missionaries and trainers, update transfer boards, take two sets of reports, and a few phone conferences. In the trainers meeting, I was in charge of a little workshop where we watched a talk by Jeffry R. Holland  about missionary work. I think it's called "Feed My Sheep." It was given in the MTC this last January. Word on the street is, it's now on Youtube. Anybody reading this email should go look that talk up. it's AMAZING. You'll get a lot from it. Check it out. Anyways, that went really well. After the training, Elder Adams left our trio, so now I'm back to just a normal companionship. Not gonna lie, I really enjoy that. Being in a trio is fun, but it gets exhausting at times, and it makes things a little more complicated. But we've had some KILLER success in our area. We set 2 new baptismal dates, found 4 new investigators, and taught 21 lessons total, which is the most this area has seen in at least a year apparently. I have an AWESOME companion. He's an extremely hard worker, and has an incredible base of skills. We work really well together. We've already been told basically we'll only get to work together this transfer, which is a bummer. So we're just going to work our tails off until then! (Speaking of working our tails off, I have some exciting news. Between working out harder and eating healthier, I'm proud to say that I now weigh as much as I weighed when I left on my mission! And I'm a lot more fit now too. So there's that for you haha).

We had lots of crazy random things happen this week too. For example, we were in the middle of a lesson with an investigator named Jessica. She approached us on the streets last week and wanted to learn from us. She has a little daughter named Jessica, and she's a super solid investigator. She wants to strengthen her connection to God, and wants to have a family that will teach her daughter good values. We showed her the Family Proclamation, and she loved it. Anyways, on Saturday, we were in a lesson with her in her apartment teaching her the Plan of Salvation, when all of a sudden, a bird frantically flew into her living room! It flew around like crazy, dropped an air missile right on the couch between my legs, and flew into a closet. I grabbed a garbage pail and a box and was trying to catch it and ended up chasing it out a window. It was pretty exciting haha. Or another fun adventure. We were sitting with a group of people in lower Manchester, which is a pretty shady area, when all of a sudden this guy came whipping around a corner on a scooter, hit the curb and went rolling down the side walk. He jumped up laughing. Luckily, he  and the scooter weren't hurt. His friends ran over laughing, including the owner of the scooter. The owner then rode off to see if it was broken. We were dying laughing. Then, 10 minutes later, the same guy who crashed it earlier, came skidding out of nowhere, hit a boat on a trailer that was driving by which totally messed the back of the scooter up, and then proceeded to crash it into a little retaining wall. It came out of nowhere and happened in a matter of seconds. Moments later, the cops were there, cars were pulled over, and the guy jumped up and said "man, I can't drive that thing!" and walked off. Again, nobody was hurt, but it was stinking hilarous and random haha. Also excitingly, at that same stoop I was sitting at, I was offered weed, wine, and an invitation to break the law of chastity. I'll tell you what, I'm definitely living in a different world here in Manchester, New Hampshire, but boy do I love it! I can already tell this might become my favorite area. I'm extremely happy here, we're teaching some people who are AWESOME and progressing, and I'm loving my new duties as an assistant. Life is super good!

Oh, really quick. There's another investigator who we're working with who is awesome. His name is Lee. He's a musician who learned to play just about every instrument out there. He has a hobby of making ukuleles out of cigar boxes. He's super cool. One day, we were helping him and his brother paint his apartment and lay hardwood floors, and he walked out with an EWI (electronic wind instrument, which is one of my dream things to own) and asked if I knew what it was. Long story short, we ended up having a quick little jazz jam session where we comped back and forth to some jazz tunes with me on the EWI and him on the guitar. It was rad. Anyways. Just wanted to throw that in there.

So  yeah. This week was epic. This next week should be exciting too. Tonight, we'll be driving up to South Royalton, Vermont to see the Joseph Smith Memorial (which I'm INSANELY excited for) and we'll be picking up the Essex zone leaders and driving them back. Then Tuesday will be zone leaders council in Bedford, and that night, I may or may not be going to Auburn, Maine for exchange. We're not sure who's going yet. Then Wednesday we'll be driving back up to Maine to exchange back. Thursday, we'll be driving to Lebanon, New Hampshire for zone interviews. Then everywhere in between, we have awesome teaching appointments lined up. It's going to be a great week!

Ok well I better get running. The office staff needs the computer. But know that I love and miss you all. Know that I know that this church is true, and that miracles happen to those who have faith and are ready to receive them. I know we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and has a plan for us. This truly is the Gospel of Happiness. Have a great week!!


Elder KC Esplin

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