Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2 new Investigators this week

I've been running like crazy this last week, and this next one won't be much easier! But I'm loving the adventure, and I can feel myself being stretched (which is the only way to grow after all)! We're currently in the middle of putting on the zone trainings in all 5 zones in the mission. This last week, we did the trainings in Montpelier, Vermont on Tuesday, and Laconia, New Hampshire on Thursday. We drove up Monday night to set up, and had the training on Tuesday, and it went super good. We're giving two trainings- one on using visuals to do planning steps nightly to find new investigators, and one on the importance of talking to everyone- not letting anybody go by. They've gone well so far. On a side note, on the way back from the training on Tuesday, we stopped in Lebanon, NH to eat at the KFC that is built over the home where Joseph Smith had his leg surgery. Pretty cool eh? They call it the "Holy KFC." Anyways, one of the cool things is that in each of these trainings, the stake president of the stake the zone covers has come to speak to the missionaries about "Real Growth." In the one in Laconia, the Stake President couldn't make it, so we drove up to Concord a few weeks ago to interview him on the subject, then presented the training for him. It was pretty cool. I'm learning SO much from these inspired men. I think just hearing these stake presidents speak will be the highlight of all these trainings. Anyways, intermingled with all the trainings this last week, we also helped a less-active (the same one we helped organize her house last week- the one with cancer) move out of her house, moved the rest of our stuff out of our old apartment, and had a 7 hour planning session/technology update for the Wilkeys. So all things taken into consideration, we only got about 20 hours to proselyte, which was a bummer. Our teaching pool grew quite a bit last transfer, so we're struggling to keep up with it. But we're hanging in there!

Despite the lack of proselyting time, we still had 2 investigators at church, and also the less-active with cancer! It was nice seeing her there. We had 6 others lined up to come as well, but they didn't come for various different reasons...I swear, Sundays are the most emotional day of the week for missionaries. Between the stresses of lining up members to give rides, greet, and sit with investigators, the dissapointments of having people not show up, and the tension in lessons worrying that the teacher will say something our investigators don't understand, it's pretty far from the "day of rest" for us haha. But the feeling of seeing your investigators there and having a spiritual experience makes it all worth it in the end.

This next week will be another insanely busy one. We have another training tomorrow in Exeter, New Hampshire that we'll be doing. Then on Thursday night, we'll be driving up to Maine for the remaining two trainings. The first will be in Topsham, Maine, and the second will be in my old area- Bangor! I'm really excited to be up there. I think i'll probably swing by Waterville on the way up to say hi to some people too. But between doing that and putting the final touches on our old apartment for inspection this Friday, we won't have too much time to proselyte, which i'm pretty bummed about...but we'll make the best use of time as we can!

Alright, I best be going. Know that I love and miss you all, but I'm loving life out here. I've never worked harder in my life, and boy does it feel good. I know this gospel is true, and that we truely are members of Christ's church. Let's all go out and share it!!


Elder KC Esplin

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