Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Doing well, enjoy the pics!

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Good hearing from everybody. Sounds like life keeps on chugging along. Dad, it sounds like you had a great training from Elder Wilkensen. General Authorities sure are awesome. I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but we're going to have a general authority here in November. Elder Nash of the 70. Hopefully I'll still be an assistant then! That last little bit you mentioned he talked on- about how the church isn't under seige but families are. that really caught my attention. What all was discussed there? I'd be interested to know. Mom, sounds like your projects are keeping you busy. And if they aren't Molly and Jared are! How big is she? Also, have you heard how Bennett is doing lately? Also, i hope the dogs are doing well! We had a meal with a member this last week, and they had a Jack Russell. I played with him a lot, he had a lot of similar characteristics to Trixie. I'll be excited to play with her when I get back!

Kristina's Baptism
We had an awesome week! First off, KRISTINA GOT BAPTIZED!! It was such an awesome experience. She really went through the refiners fire the week before. Satan sure does push hard to bring people down right before they get baptized. She was presented with a lot of doubts, anti from her family, and even had an uncle die. But the night before, we went over and retaught her the plan of salvation and gave her a blessing. She said that night, she did a lot of praying to know if this was what she should do. The next morning (the day of her baptism), she didn't have any doubts at all. She was smiling and laughing all day. Because of that, she asked if she could bear her testmiony at the baptism, and talked about the transformation she's gone through because of the gospel, and about why she chose to be baptized. It was a really powerful experience. She's going to make a great member. Now we just have to finish off her husband, and there'll be a great new family in the Bedford ward! I'll do my best to attach a picture of the baptism too.

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The rest of the week was pretty busy. On Monday, we had a zone leaders council down in Exeter, NH. (The morning before, for exercise, we played a doubles tennis match with the Vermont zone leaders, and we totally won. It was pretty sweet). After the meeting, we came back home and got right to work. On Tuesday, we had the first real P-day I've had since becoming an assitant! We didn't do much though haha. Reports we didn't get to do on Monday, cleaning the apartment, shopping, lunch, and about an hour of piano. Then in the evening, we drove back to Exeter to pick up the zone leaders down there for exchange. I stayed in Bedford with an Elder Packer from Idaho. Yep, the same one I was companions with in the MTC. Pretty cool, huh? We traveled up to Hanover, NH for a district meeting, then worked the rest of the day. That night we exchanged back, and things kept going. The rest of the week was just working hard with other investigators, getting everything ready for Kristina's baptism, and prepping for zone conference this next week. So....yeah! That was pretty much my week!

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This week will be another REALLY insane one. We got two zone conferences. Here we go! We leave tonight to set up in South Royalton, Vermont (we actually have zone conference at the Joseph Smith Memorial. Pretty cool, right?), then we'll be gone doing zone conference all day Tuesday. We'll work the area for half a day Wednesday, then leave for Augusta on Wednesday to set up, then be gone all day Thursday. We'll then get to work the area all weekend. So...not the best week for proselyting, which I'm pretty bumemd about, but I'm excited to do lots of traveling and see all my missionary buddies. Plus, on Tuesday, i get to play the piano for two special musical numbers, one being a quartet singing "Lead Kindly Light." The other one is really cool. We're doing a harp-piano duet. There's a girl in my ward that plays harp, and President Wilkey though it would be cool to do a harp musical number. She a pretty cool girl- she'll be going to Utah State next year. We went over last night to practice, and it sounds pretty good. I'm really excited- i've never played with a harpist before! but I'll let you know how it goes.

Ok that's about it on my end! I'll do my best to attach some pictures. Oh, another note on the side. I hit my 18 month mark this week. can you believe how fast the time is flying?? It really freaks me out- i don't want it to be over! But I'm excited to push myself to the limit and leave everything on the alter. It's going to be a wild 6 months!
Thugging in Downtown Manchester--these are the streets I walk Daily.

Love and miss you all. Know you're in my thoughts and prayers. I'll be excited to hear from you next week!

Me and Manchester:)

View from the top of Manchester.
To celebrate my 18 month mark,
 our district made the missionary's traditional "Samoan Sandwich"
 they are surprisingly delicious!!

The "Holy KFCTThethe The

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Me and my  "Samoan"

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