Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sorry I'm a little late again

This week isn't an exception to the crazy schedule I've been experiencing lately. In fact, this week may be the climax in craziness. On Tuesday, we had a zone meeting in Exeter, New Hampshire. It went really well. The Stake President of that stake spoke, and I was eating up his instruction. He used a lot of vocabulary and strategies that I remebered in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. During lunch, I approached him and asked if he had read that book before. He put his arm around me and said, "Elder, I work for that company!" Sure enough, he works for Franklin-Covey as a business consultant. I got to talk to him for a while about the book and about his profession, and it was overall a really cool experience. So that was pretty exciting! Wednesday and Thursday were the only days we really had to proselyte, so we did our best to make the time count. On Wednesday, we met with Kristina to discuss her baptism. She said she felt she'd rather be baptized without her husband, Matt, so he could have more time to learn and get a more solit testimony. But she was totally gung-ho about being baptized! We finished off teaching her all the lessons, and she passed her interview on Sunday! She'll be baptized this week!! But I'll get to that a little later. We had another lesson with Jessica too, but we received some bad news. Her husband had failed a drug test, so she's anticipating to soon be homeless with their 8-month-old daughter and their second child she's expecting in 3 months...those kinds of thigns make me so grateful to have the gospel in my life. I know what morals I need to have, and I know what morals to look for in my future spouse. It's going to save me so much heartache. We tried to comfort Jessica by reading uplifting scriptures and singing "I am a Child of God." It was a sweet lesson. At the end, she told me her husband had been getting after her about having us over, and told us we had better lay low for a while. So we're not going back to see her for a while, but I sure hope it all works out for her!

Thursday night, we packed up and hit the road to head up to Maine. We arrived in Topsham, Maine around 8:00 to set up for the Zone Meeting on Friday for the Augusta Zone, which went really well. That night, I got to go up to Waterville for the night! We had about 3 hours, so we ate dinner at Big G's, and stopped by a bunch of recent converts. I was dismayed to find out 4 of them hadn't been going to church regularly...but no worries, I straightened them out haha. It was interesting to find that many left for social reasons, namely being offended by the actions (or lack of them) from other members. I taught the same principle to most of them. There's three things that happen when a person joins the church- a logical conversion, a social conversion, and a spiritual conversion. A person usally experiences all three when they join the church. The thing worth emphasizing is that the spiritual conversion is the one that matters most. The other two are good to have and help us stay true, but if there isn't a powerful spiritual conversion, when those other two have faults (namely, if something they learn doesn't "make sense," or if they're offended), they'll fall away. I talked with all these recent converts about their spiritual conversion and asked them to not let logical or social concerns get in the way of their spiritual conversion. I didn't do a very good job explaining it here in this email, but it sounded a lot more profound when we taught it haha. Anyways, I heard that one of them came to church last Sunday! that was pretty exciting. It was just good seeing them all again and encouraging them to stay faithful.

Then Saturday, we drove up to Bangor for the next zone training! It was the best one in my opinion. The Stake President, who I knew pretty well from being a zone leader, spoke on the importance of being obedient, and about how we all pray "We love thee Father" without realizing the implications of saying that- that we're willing to obey Him. It was really really good. Then that night, we had dinner at my favorite local pizza joint and drove back to Bedford! So all in all, we had a REALLY crazy week. In between all the zone trainings I just mentioned, we also finished up cleaning the old apartment and got it turned back over to the land lord. We also had a lot of small to-do's for assistant-ship. But we did our best to stay on top of it all and got a lot done!

So now, that takes us to this week. As I said, yesterday we had a zone leader council in Exeter, NH, which focused on preparation for zone conferences next week. Today, we're taking a much-needed P-day, then tonight we'll go on exchange with the Exeter Zone Leaders. The rest of the week will just be proselyting!! We're really excited to just focus on missionary work for a week. the area has a lot of work to be done in it! The highlight of the week will be on Friday, because Kristina will be getting baptized!! We're really excited for that. I'll write more about it next week.

Welp, I better go. Know that I sure love ya, and I always look forward to hearing from you all every week. Have a good one, and never forget to keep your eyes out for someone needing the gospel. Remember- non-members aren't the only ones who need rescuing. If you keep your eyes out, you'll find people needed a pointer to Jesus Christ. I can promise you'll find them if you pray and seek them. And nothing makes a person feel more joyful than knowing you were an instrument helping someone return to Christ.


Elder KC Esplin

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