Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello Hello!!

Man, it seems like right when I log off the computer to go work for the night on Mondays, next thing I know, I'm getting back on to email again! It scares me how fast time is going by.; It's definitly a bitter-sweet thing to think about leaving the mission. So, I'll just not think about it =)

 I keep waiting for life to slow down a bit. I've even gotten excited a few times thinking that it would. Then, right on schedule, things come up to keep me busy! It's nuts. But, I guess it's good I'm staying busy- it's keeping me out of trouble. This last week was no exception to the busy life. Monday, as I said last week, was the day we got to pick up the new missionaries from the airport and spend the night getting to know them, answering their questions, and playing a missionary jeapordy game with them that we made. Tuesday, we got to have transfer meeting. It was fun seeing all my buddies again. I was asked to be part of a quintet and sing "All Creatures of our God and King" at the meeting, but our piano player showed up having not practiced and unable to play, so I opted out and played the piano instead. By the way, in case you're wondering, I didn't get transferred! So, that means that since Elder Baker wil be going home in 5 weeks, I'll be garenteed to stay here until mid-November, which I'm really excited about! Especially since we'll be having Elder Nash of the 70 come and do a zone conference, so I'll get to work with him for a few days. Anyways, that was Tuesday- Transfer meeting.

Wednesday morning, we had quite the experience. We were assigned to take the returning missionaries to the airport to fly out. We showed up at the mission home in our van ready to pick them up, but found out the flight had been delayed. So instead, we took one of the returning missionaries out with us to go finding new investigators in Bedford. As we started driving through Bedford, lo and behold, a black bear ran out of the woods, in front of our van, and into the woods on the other side (no, we didn't hit it. Sorry if I got you excited). We slammed on the brakes and pulled over the van to watch it. He stood there in the woods watching us, and we sat watching it. Then it took off into the forest and out of sight. It was quite the adventure! We then drove to our destination, which was vacant. We still had 15 minutes, so I told the returning missionary that this was his last chance to do missionary work, and I'd drive around Bedford and wait until he felt a spiritual prompting to stop the van, and we'd contact whatever house he felt we needed to do. We drove about 5 minutes and he yelled, "THAT ONE!" I slammed on the brakes and parked, and we jumped out and knocked on the door. A man answered and politely told us he wasn't interested and that was the end of the contact. We walked back to the van slightly confused, when we spotted a man walking in the road coming towards us. We stopped him and started talking. His name was Joe, and he was a VERY devout Catholic. We talked for about 20 minutes. He told us about how we were on the wrong path and needed to join  the REAL church, and we took time to teach him about the great apostasy and need for a restoration. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he agreed to have us over to continue our conversation. So there ya go. that's the story of Catholic Joe.

We rushed back to the mission home slighly late, loaded up our 12-passenger van "Moose "with luggage and got them to the airport just in the nick of time. The rest of the day was spent teaching and preparing trainings. We did find a sweet couple on a door step. One was a Jew from West Africa, the other was an Italian Jehovah's Witness. I love the diversity of Manchester!

Thursday and Friday weren't as exciting. We were in meetings ALL day Thursday (from 10 AM to 7 PM) then drove to South Royalton to pick up the Vermont Zone Leaders and drove back. We then took reports until 11 PM. And that was Thursday. Wahoo.

Friday was Zone Leader Council. Elder Baker and I gave a training on goal setting. We called the training "Begin with the End in Mind." We talked about the trio of things we need in order to successfully set a goal and achieve it- Vision, Knowledge, and Desire. We also shared this quote by Bishop David Burton: "Discipline is the bridge that connects goals and accomplishments." I liked that one a lot. That night, we taught a 9-yr-old boy about applying what we learn by playing with corn starch in water. He's quite the hyper little boy! He'll be exciting to teach.

Saturday and Sunday were the only days we really got to work the area. So we did just that- work. We spent a lot of time stopping by investigators who aren't really doing anything and giving them the ultimatum of deciding whether this is something they want in their lives right now. We lot quite a few investigators. But, the hope is, because we dropped the ones not so interested, we'll have more time to find the committed in the surrounding towns. We're excited to get hardcore into some finding! We already have a few prospects in the town of Bedford so we're excited about that. Sunday night, we got to watch the CES devotional by Elder Holland. Mom and Dad, did you get to go to that?? It was given in the burns arena. I almost blew a fuse when I saw all the pictures of STG haha. I wish I could have been there! but it was a great devotional, and we think Kristina and Matt got to get some things out of it.

Welp, there's my week for ya! As I said before, nice and busy. This next week should actually allow more time in the area to work. We're driving up to Maine tonight and driving back tomorrow morning, but other than that, we have no outstanding meetings or anything like that. Just time to work in the area. It should be a great week!!

Ok I better go. Love you all, and I hope you have a great week!! Take care!!


Elder KC Esplin

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