Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At last a "Mellow" week

We had a pretty mellow week our here. And boy was it nice! On Tuesday, we had a training for new missionaries/trainers. We gave two trainings on planning and record keeping. Nothing too crazy. The best part (as it usally is) was getting to see my buddies from around the mission. That night, we drove up to Concord, NH and exchanged with the zone leaders there, then whipped back to Manchester to go to a funeral. There was a sister in our ward who passed away at ate 92. We met her a few weeks ago, and were really touched by her spirit. She was a convert to the church, and her and her husband sure did love the missionaries. They would have them over to dinner all the time, and had a wall in their home dedicated to missionaries who had served in their area or missionaries who were serving from their ward. We thought we would go and give respects from all missionaries who she had helped. We also gave some pamphlets to her familiy who had driven up from Kentucky. It was a little surreal for me to see someone pass so quickly- we saw her about a month ago and she was still as fiery as always, but then a few weeks later was in a rest home and was fighting to be conscious. We visited her there as well. I haven't dealt with death much in my life, so anytime I encounter it, it puts me in check a little bit. I'm grateful that my testimony of the plan of salvation has been strengthened on my mission. I know now that death is NOT the end.
The next morning, we drove to Sommersworth, NH for a district meeting, then worked all night. We had a pretty intense with a 7th day adventist who was from Dominican Republic (I think?). He was arguing very intensely that the Book of Mormon was not needed, that the Bilbe testified of Christ and that's all we needed. I came back by pointing out that what he was saying was the same as saying, "I have the book of Matthew. It tells me of Christ. I don't need your books of Luke, John, Acts, or any others. All I need is Matthew." We did our best to show how the Book of Mormon, just like the other gospels, doesn't take away from what he already treasures- it enhances it. We then talked about how the Book of Mormon is esesential to understand the Bible, because obviously one can't rely solely upon the Bible to know the way (if it was perfectly clear, there wouldn't be hundreds of religions based off of it!). Then we ended by having him look at a picture of Christ in the Americas blessing the children and asked him if he though Christ's love could extend to those here in America. It was a tender moment. We committed him to read 3 Ne. 11 and pray about it, which he said he would. Overall, it was a great lesson!
Thursday, we went on another roadtrip up to Concord, NH for a district meeting, then worked all night. Nothing too exciting there. Friday, we drove up to Hanover, NH for zone interviews! I sure do love my interviews with President Wilkey. We also received trainings on goal setting, 1 Ne. 8, and finding for real growth. The best part of the day- we didn't have to do anything!!! We were just participants, and boy was it nice haha. That night, we had dinner with a family. In the lesson, we focused on getting the kids excited for the upcoming primary program and how it was an opportunity for them to be a missionary- they could invite their friends to listen, and they could bear their testimony through their lines and songs. I made them little origami shirts and ties that said "future missionary" on it, and they were so excited by the end. it was a lot of fun!
Saturday, we had 5 hours of planning, 1 1/2 with the ward mission leader, and 4 with the Wilkeys. Sounds like fun, right?? But after the planning, we had a lesson with matt and kristina at the mission home. We were bringing in the big guns to help Matt meet his baptismal goal in October. We discussed the restoration and his feelings about Joseph Smith, and ended the lesson by singing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer." It was a very powerful lesson, and we think he'll make it in October!!
That's about it for this week! There's a ton of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks. One of which we're very excited about is we're having a "mormons next door" night for the Bedford Commiunity next week. We thought that due to all the attention the church is getting, it'd be a good move to have non-threatening night to teach about the church a bit. We're going to be spreading the word about that a ton this next week. We've also started going out once a week with ward/stake leaders to contact every less-active on our rolls. It's a big project, but we're planning on using it to not only reactivate less-actives, but to receive referrals to bring them to church too! We've also started working really hard to get all the members out teaching with us, and not just the ones we usually take. The atmosphere about missionary work is slowly changing, and I've been super pumped about it!!
That's all I got time for today. Love you all! Have a great week, and keep letting me know how everything is going!
Elder KC Esplin

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