Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Thursday!!

So, first off, sorry again for the delay for me to write. This week has been insane. It's the only way to describe it. This last Monday ended up being the busiest Monday of my entire mission. We were running around like crazy trying to get all the reports ready and getting emails sent off for Sister Wilkey, and preparing for the drive up to Yarmouth, ME...we didn't get time to do anything! And then we were planning on taking our P-day yesterday, but then a missionary got sent home for medical reasons, so we got to do quite a bit of driving instead. but luckily, today, we found an hour or so we could sneak in and write an email!

OK!! So. I know I'm writing mid-week, but I think I'll save all the info from this week for Monday. There's a lot of juicy info, so I'll save it for all at once. Let's chat about this last week, shall we? So Monday, we got all the cute little new missionaries in. There were 12 total- one of the biggest transfers yet. They're saying more like this will be coming often in the future with the new influx of missionaries joining the ranks due to the announcement at conference. It was fun getting to work with them and hopefully have an influence on them before they set out to work. Whether it was a good influence or a bad, we'll just have to wait and see! We tried something new this transfer where the assistants both take turns with the new missionaries 1-on-1 to share a scripture and insights. I decided to do D&C 4:3. I talked about how each of these missionaries were 'embarking in the service of God' and talked about each element of that scripture and about what it meant to serve with each of the aspects- heart, might, mind, and strength. I then made the point that 'standing blameless before God at the last day' will be more of an internal judgement- being able to say "i did all I could to serve" with no guilt of consciousness. I think all of us will have to give an accounting of our missionary efforts in that way. It's kind of a humbling thought, isn't it?
The next day was transfer meeting. it was a really good one. The transfer was HUGE because of all the missionaries coming in, so it was quite populated. Elder Baker bore a great testimony, along with Elder Sommerfeldt and Elder Niebergall. All three went home this transfer, and I served with all three. It's a really weird feeling driving that many of your former companions to the airport....anyways, as i said last week, I received Elder Grayden Gaykowski from Salt Lake as my new companion. We've clicked super well so far. We teach really powerfully together, and have a really good time. i can already tell he's going to end up being one of my favorite companions. He goes home in a month though, so it'll be a short run. It'll be interesting being an assistant for at least 1 1/2 more transfers. I'm really enjoying it though, so I should be ok. Exhaustion seems to be not pressing too hard. 
The rest of the week, we basically just worked a lot! We taught 6 investigator lessons with members present, and several less-actives. We spent a lot of time preparing for upcoming events too. This transfer is making out to be a really really busy one. We have a training to prepare for EVERY WEEK- last week: new missionary and trainers meeting, this week: zone meetings, the week after that: zone leader's council, the week after that: zone conference with Elder Nash (that's going to be a HUGE project for us), then the next week will be transfers all over again! So. Life has been crazy, but it sure has been awesome!!
Ok, I think that's pretty much all of the updates I have this week. On Monday, I'll have a lot to talk about, so stay tuned. it'll be a packed email. Love you all! Have a great week!!
Elder KC Esplin

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