Monday, October 29, 2012


So, I won't lie, this week was fairly unremarkable. Just lots of work on transfers. We served as President's advisor for a lot of it, giving him insights about the missionaries across the mission to help him make decisions. We also did the usual chore of making all the travel plans for transfers tomorrow. The rest of the week, we were busy busy busy working! We found 3 new investigators, which was pretty exciting. We also got to drive up to Labanon, NH for a District Meeting. And....yeah. Honestly, not too much crazy happened haha. Either that, or I'm just really tired right now and can't think haha. i've been running like crazy all morning getting things ready for transfers tomorrow (hence why I'm writing this at 3 PM instead of the usual 11 AM). And we still have a ton to do before we pick up the 12 new missionaries at the airport in 40 minutes....yikes, I didn't realize how little time I have. I better pick up the pace!
Just a little heads up for my new situation. Elder Baker, my current companion, is going home on Wednesday. So, I'll be receiving a new companion tomorrow. His name is Elder Gaykowski, from Utah. I've been on exchange with him a few times, and I'm excited to serve with him. But get this. He goes home at the end of this transfer. We don't know why yet, but I guess President felt impressed to call him to be an assistant for just 6 weeks. but what that means for me, is that I'm garenteed to be here for another 2 transfers. So, I'll be here until at least january. Pretty crazy eh?? 7 1/2 months as an assistant. I'm super excited for it, but it'll be pretty exhausting. I'm really excited to be in the Bedford ward for that long though. I'm really getting close with a lot of the members, which is cool because I'll be here for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. So, I'm pretty pumped!! Also, just as an update, Matt didn't end up getting baptized this last Friday. He had some things come up that prevented it. But, he's on track now to be baptized on October 26th, so now we're shooting for that! Other than that, there's not too much else to report! I'm just excited for this next transfer.
This last weekend at conference, did you notice the speaker Elder Marcus B. Nash of the 70? He's the general authority coming this next transfer to the mission. Aparently we're going to get to work with him quite a bit. I'm pretty excited!! Although, I am slightly nervous- he seems like a pretty intense elder. But I'm sure Elder Gaykowski and I will be able to pull it together.
A few other tidbits you might find interesting:
  • I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO WISTLE!!! Yes, that's right. I've finally figured it out! I've been trying for a few months out here trying to do it good, but to no avail. but then, one morning as I was getting ready for the day, it finally came out, and I've been whistling since!! So, I thought you'd find that interesting! haha. Now you can't make fun of me for it!!
  • The other morning, I played 2-on-2 basketball with two youth from the ward, both of whom play basketball in highschool. My companion is pretty good too, and it's known that in the past I haven't really...excelled in basketball. Well, me and my companion totally won, and I actually scored about half the points. Looks like I might actually be able to play hoops after all!
  • It's starting to get pretty cold now. It's starting to drop down below freezing at night...the colored leaves are still holding in there though, and they're still very beautiful. But anyways, I've started wearing the long sleeved shirts again, and this morning, as I was putting on a shirt that was well sized for me, has grown a little short (not around the waist either). Does it mean that I've grown out here?? I sure hope so!
Welp, we have to leave in 15 minutes to pick up the new missionaries and I still have to write my letter to the president, so i better go. Love you all!! have a great week, and I'll talk to you next week!!
Elder KC Esplin

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