Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Already!!!!

Welp, once again, it's Monday already. I know I've said it before, but I CAN'T BELIEVE how fast the weeks are going by. It just feels like every day is Monday now. Crazy. Anyways, my week was great, but pretty uneventful. Well, comparatively at least haha. We had two main tasks that we were constantly working on- preparing for a leadership training we're putting on tomorrow, and unifying with the members. We've been putting a lot of focus on the members and helping them do their missionary work, as well as hopefully building their trust in us. Last week, we made oreo truffles (balls of grounded oreos and cream cheese, coated in white chocolate. They were wicked good) and we took them around to members who do a lot for the missionary efforts in the ward. It was fun getting to surprise them with goodies and (as an even bigger surprise) not follow up with an assignment of some kind. We've also been hard at work getting ready for this Wednesday. We worked with our ward mission leader and the local public affairs representative to put on a local event where people in Beford can come learn about the values and faith of members of the LDS church and ask questions, in a non-evangelical setting. We spent several hours going to members homes asking them to pray for us as we went and gave flyers to all of their neighbors. It also got into the newspaper, and is all over face book. It should be a pretty good event! We're excited about it. So between those two things trying to unify with the members, we were making preparations for workshops for tomorrow's leadership training. All the District Leaders and Zone Leaders in the mission are coming down tonight or tomorrow morning, so we had to make the travel plans to get everyone down using as few mission miles as possible. That was quite a chore. We also got to throw in time to get the tires changed out in our car (we placed a card and a family proclamation in the auto shop though!), and move couches down and back up 3 flights of stairs, and practicing piano for another special musical number. Sounds like fun, right??
Amid all that good stuff, we had some really great lessons. We had a great lesson with one ouf our investigators- Tammy. She's been struggling to progress and keep her commitments to read the scriptures and pray, and hasn't been to church yet, even though she's committed several times to come. We didn't feel she really understood why our message was so important, so we retaught her the restoration. After we watched a movie about the first vision, she had an "a-ha" moment where she realized why what we were doing was so important. We then helped her understand that this was the reason why we invited her to pray and read the scriptures and come to church- to find out if we are really Christ's church back on the earth! We have high hopes that her attitude towards our visits will be different now. We also had a great lesson with Matt and Kristina about how a family can be eternal. We brought with us a member who recently was sealed to a little girl who he had just adopted. It was a very tender lesson. Matt is still on track to be baptized next weekend! We did receive news that they're planning on moving up to northern Maine at the end of the month...we're a little bummed about that, as is the ward, but I guess it's just how life goes! We had another great lesson with Flora, the older Sudanese woman who is getting baptized next weekend. We taught her the Word of Wisdom. It's a very big part of her culture to drink coffee and tea, but upon hearing she wasn't supposed to, her resolve to quit was immediate. She said she would have to keep serving it to her family, but she would be willing to not drink it because God didn't want her to. I hope one day to have faith like Flora.
Those are the highlights of the last week! Very busy, and finally with work for our own area, and it's proving to lead to some great changes! This next week will be epic- I'm super excited for it. Today, I'll be driving the huge 12 passenger van up to Vermont to pick up 8 district leaders/zone leaders, then we'll have the training tomorrow (which is going to be AWESOME). Then, after the training, I'll be getting into the Brewer van and going back to my old area up in Bangor for exchange! I'm super excited to see everybody up there again. I also got word that they scheduled a meal for me at one of my favorite members home, so that'll be fun. Then we have general conference this weekend!! WAHOO!! Haha everything combined, this next week will be incredible. I can't wait!!
Love you all!! It was great hearing from you. I'll look forward to hearing from you next week!!
Elder KC Esplin

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