Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 5-11

Sorry for the delay. As I said last week, we've had quite the insane week. I'll catch you up on all that soon. I only ended up finding a few minutes to day to write quicker email, but I should have a full P-day on Monday so i can write a bit lengthier one. So I'll catch you up on last week (Nov. 5-11) first, and then I'll tackle this last week on Monday. Sound good? Last week, we did a TON of traveling. Like, more than I ever have before in such a short amount of time. It started on Monday. We got a text from the Wilkeys on Saturday letting us know they'd like us to attend the Montpelier Zone Meeting up in Montpelier, VT. We wouldn't really be giving any trainings or anything like that, but they wanted us to be there to support and take notes of how it went so we could structure future zone meetings. So, we made the 2. 5 hour drive up to Essex, VT Sunday night, had the training on Monday, and drove back down that night. The next day was Zone Leaders Council. That went from 9 until 5:30 PM, when we packed up the car and drove right back up to Essex, VT again to drop the zone leaders off. We were then going to go on exchange. I took Elder Wright (one of the members of my flight group) over to Colebrook, NH, (which is getting almost as far north in New Hampshire as you can get- not far from the border of Canada) for a district meeting. We then made the trek down back down to Bedford for a few hours of proselyting and getting some forms taken care of. The next morning (Thursday), we packed up early and drove back to Essex AGAIN to exchange back, and drove right back down to Manchester for a 5 hour staff meeting in preparation for zone conference. the next day (Friday) we had a 7 hour mission planning with the Wilkeys in preparation for zone conference, and then spent several hours on Saturday preparing reports for Elder Nash. So. There's the brief overview!! So for those of you keeping score at home, we spent about 15 hours in the car and drove over 1,000 miles. Pretty exciting, right?? Haha it was actually pretty enjoyable. it's a good thing driving in New England is so beautiful, or else I would have been going crazy. Between all the driving, we did have some pretty cool experiences. We had a couple from Korea move into the ward a few months ago, and they had us over for dinner to try authentic Korean food. It was surprisingly good! I never thought I'd enjoy eating seaweed haha. We also had a really great lesson with an investigator named George. He was having a really bad day, and he walked right through the door to his apartment building just as we were leaving. We sat down and talked about what was going on in his life. He talked about the relationship problems he was having with his girlfriend, about how he can't see his son because his ex is being very brutish about the situation, about the stresses of probably being unemployed now that winter was coming along, etc. We read with him the chapter in the BoM of Alma the elder and his people in the city of Helam, and of how because they poured out their hearts to God, their burdens were lightened. It was a very powerful lesson, and his countenance completely changed. It's so cool to see how the gospel can help any person no matter what their circumstances! OK well I better call it quits for now. I'll write all about zone conference and my interactions with Elder Nash on Monday. But I need to hop off the computer for now. Love you all!! Have a great week, and I'll look forward to hearing from you on Monday!! -Faithfully, Elder KC Esplin

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