Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back to Waterville

Hello hello!! How's my favorite family doing? Sorry about the shorter e-mail this last week. I didn't really get a chance to write anything longer. And unfortunately, today I won't have a ton of time either. I got an update literally about two minutes ago that the new missionaries are flying in in 40 minutes ahead of schedule, which is in 30 minutes, and we still have to set the trailer on the 12 passenger van and get things ready for this may be kinda quick. Sorry!! So. You may be wondering what my verdict is as far as whether I'm finishing my mission in Bedford, or if I'll be going back out into the field. Well, that's been a roller coaster. I'll tell you the full story really quick. So at the beginning of this transfer, President Wilkey told me every time he saw me, "Teach Elder Smith well- I'll be sending you back out into the field at the end of this transfer." He talked about it ALL THE TIME. So I started getting settled into the though of going back out. Then, about 3 weeks ago, in mission planning, he told me, "You know Elder Esplin, with this surge of new missionaries coming in in February (25 coming in- by far the biggest group ever), we might just have to keep you around for your last few weeks. We'll need your experience for this." So, I shifted my views to staying, which I was really excited for. I really love the Bedford area, and I'd love to stay here until the end of my mission. That takes me to this last Monday. I had my temple recommend interview with President, and before the interview started, he asked me, "So. How would you feel about staying here for your last 6 weeks?" I told him I'd love to, and I thought it was a good idea. He responded that he felt that might just be what would happen, and that I could plan on that unless he had a strong spiritual prompting that that wasn't supposed to happen. So, I left confident that I would be staying. And in fact, we spent parts of Wednesday and Thursday helping President with transfers and, sure enough, my card stayed fast in Bedford. That takes us to this last Friday. We got a call from President asking us to come in to the office as soon as we could. He had just gotten back from the Boston temple with the outgoing missionaries, and said while he was on the road, he got a call from the MTC that a missionary wasn't coming out anymore so we had to re-do the transfer board (which we had spent a ton of time on earlier). Well, we got in, and the board was closed, which was unusual for when we were coming in to work on it. He started talking about the missionary not coming out anymore, but then said, "But I think i have that all figured out, but there were a few other things that I was unsettled about, and I received some insights about what needs to happen now. So, there's a few other changes on the board you might be shocked to see." Immediately, I had the feeling that this would involve me. He looked at me and said, "Elder, I know I've basically already told you you were going to be staying in Bedford, but while I was in the temple, I felt very impressed that even though we need you here, there's somewhere else you're needed more. So, I'm sending you back out into the field." It was a huge blow. I was sitting confident that I was going to be staying and had made plans in my mind about all I would do as an assistant, but now,my mind started spinning wondering what I would be doing the next 6 weeks. He saw my facial expressions and immediately apologized for the roller coaster of emotions I had been sent on, but told me, "I wouldn't be doing this to you if I hadn't been prompted so clearly by the Lord that what I was doing wasn't the best option." He then asked me what I was feeling. I responded, "Well, I think I'll be able to better answer that one once I find out where I'm going!" He smiled and, without saying a word, walked over to the board and opened it up. My eyes flew to the spot where I hoped my card would be, and, sure enough, there it was. Waterville, Maine. Yep! I'm going back for my last 6 weeks!!! I was in euphoria when I saw that. If I couldn't finish my mission in Bedford, that'd be my #1 spot I'd want to be, and somehow, I was being sent there. President then told me, "The Lord was very clear to me that that's where you need to be for your last transfer. There's some things there that only you can do. So, go back there and get it done!" Once that initial shock hit, I realized I should check to see who my new companion was. And here's the grand irony of it all: Elder Jacob Esplin. You got it. Elder Esplin and Elder Esplin. Waterville, Maine. 6 weeks to get it done. I leave tomorrow at 12:30. Stay tuned. It's going to be a wild 6 weeks!! Love you all! Have a great week!! -Faithfully, Elder KC Esplin

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