Monday, February 11, 2013

1 more week-WOW!

Hello Hello!! Man, can't believe this will basically be my last time emailing home. I might keep it a bit on the shorter side, since we're really short on time. Hope you don't mind! Well, we had a pretty great week. Yep, we got a ton of snow. We had our cars grounded for two days, and we were confined into the apartment all day Saturday. We got about 2 feet of snow. Yeah, shoveling out cars after that was a new experience. And it's been snowing all day today. Yeah, some STG weather is sounding pretty nice right about now haha. But I've gotten pretty used to the cold. I went out for a bit in just a white shirt in 20 degrees and it didn't really phase me much. Mom, you're probably right about me being in shorts a lot when I get back! I'm not sure what the weather should be like the rest of the week. but, the more snow the better I think! Go out with a bang! So, we had a really crazy miracle happen this week. So you remember Chris who I talked about last week? Well, he had a really powerful experience at church like I explained. We went back over this last Tuesday for a lesson. After, his wife looked at us and said, "At what point do you typically extend a date for baptism? I mean, for me, it was at the end of the lesson, but I was just curious about what you typically do." We explained that it depends on the person. We hadn't planned on extending a date yet because it had only been a few weeks and we didn't want to push him because he asked us not to. I looked at him and asked him, "What are you feeling about all of this Chris?" He replied, "I love it and believe it. I think I'm ready for baptism." I was shocked. Big time. I've NEVER seen someone be converted that quickly- we'd only been teaching him for like 2 weeks!! I asked him, "Well then, would you like to pray about a day you'd like to be baptized, or would you like to set a goal?" He said he'd be alright with setting a goal. I replied, "OK that sounds great! When are you thinking? March? April maybe?" (most people need a few months to be ready and complete their conversion). He said, "Well, I was thinking I'd like to get baptized sooner than that. I think I'm ready to be baptized as soon as possible. In fact, when do you leave?" I was stunned. I said in my head there was no way this was happening. I told him I'd be leaving Waterville on the 19th. He said, "Well, I think we should do it that weekend before you leave. I was speechless. He had spoken exactly what I was dreaming would happen. We then finalized the date for the 17th.Then the concern came that he might be rushing it for me and not focusing on doing it for the right reasons. I raised this concern and told him I didn't want him to jump into it for me. His reply was this- "No offense or anything, but I"m not doing this for you. I'm doing this for myself and for God. When I do something, I do it all the way. I believe in this and love who it's helping me become." That's when I knew he was real. He had received a change of heart as Alma taught. He was ready to be baptized. So....I get to have one more baptism before I come home!!! It'll be happening on Sunday. It's honestly a dream come true. Seeing this one last REAL conversion has meant so much to me, and built my confidence that I've become exactly what the Lord wants me to have become. And that is an amazing feeling. So, I'll pretty much come home on fire. I can't wait!! I better jet. Love you all!!! I'll be excited to hear from you next week!!! -Faithfully, Elder KC Esplin

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